The 9th International Days of Statistics and Economics
Conference Proceedings
September 10–12, 2015; Prague
Prague, Czech Republic
ISBN 978-80-87990-06-3
Faculty of Business Economics with seat in Košice ESC Rennes School of Business


Welcome to the online proceedings of the international conference: The 9th International Days of Statistics and Economics.

The 9th International Days of Statistics and Economics was organized by:

  • The Department of Statistics and Probability and the Department of Microeconomics, University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic
  • The University of Economics, Faculty of Business Economics with seat in Košice, Slovak Republic
  • ESC Rennes International School of Business, France

The aim of the Conference was to present and discuss current problems of Statistics, Demography, Economics and Management and their mutual interconnection.

The key spekears during conference were:

  • Miroslav Singer - governor of the Czech National Bank
  • Juraj Sipko  - director of Institute of Economic Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences

This conference proceedings contain contributions of the conference participants which were presented during both days of the conference. All these contributions have successfully passed the double-blind peer-review process.