The 9th International Days of Statistics and Economics
Conference Proceedings
September 10–12, 2015; Prague
Prague, Czech Republic
ISBN 978-80-87990-06-3
Faculty of Business Economics with seat in Košice ESC Rennes School of Business

Table of Contents

Abbreviations of section names in the 'Section' column:

  • M - Management
  • S - Statistics
  • E - Economics
  • D - Demography
  • Y - Young statisticians and demographers
  • L - Leadership in regional development

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Change Point Trend Analysis of GNI per capita in Selected European Countries and Israel S pp.1-11 Download
Lina Alatawna , Yossi Yancu, Gregory Gurevich
The economic effects of investments in road infrastructure in Czech Republic E pp.12-21 Download
Jiří Alina, Pavlína Hálová
Ranking of EU Countries and Turkey In Terms of Sustainable Development Indicators: An Integrated Approach Using Entropy and TOPSIS Methods S pp.22-32 Download
Nesrin Alptekin
Freelancers in Russia: innovative approaches to time management M pp.33-42 Download
Polina Ambarova, Garold Zborovsky
The influence of the economic cycle, rate of unemployment and average income on suicide in the Czech Republic D pp.43-54 Download
Michaela Antovová, Simona Fučíková
A statistical analysis of the efficiency of asset forfeiture proceedings in the Czech Republic E pp.55-70 Download
Markéta Arltová, Luboš Smrčka
Interdisciplinary view on the problem of labor conflicts management in a modern organization D pp.71-78 Download
Marina Artamonova
Banks’ availability versus SMEs’ expectancies in business financing. An analysis on credit renewal E pp.79-88 Download
Daniel Badulescu, Ramona Simut
The Role of the Education System in Regulating Reproductive Behaviours: the Case of the Russian Federation D pp.89-98 Download
Anna Bagirova, Oksana Shubat
What is the gender dimension in the reproduction of engineers D pp.99-107 Download
Lyudmila Bannikova, Elena Kemmet
Identification of risks in the process of reforming higher education in Russia (regional aspect) M pp.108-117 Download
Galina Bannykh, Anna Tikhomirova
Young generation in EU countries D pp.118-127 Download
Jitka Bartošová, Vladislav Bína
Transaction costs of best available technologies implementation E pp.128-137 Download
Irina Belik, Natalia Starodubets
Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Dependency on Employee Gender D pp.138-148 Download
Šárka Bendová, Marie Štěpánková, Metodi Koralov
Theoretical and applied aspects of transactional analysis of activities of enterprises E pp.149-159 Download
Andrey Berezin, Natalia Gorodnova, Vladimir Matyushok, Natalia Plotnikova, Elena Shablova
About Wages in the Czech Education and Healthcare Sectors around the Time of Global Economic Recession S pp.160-177 Download
Diana Bílková
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis in EU Countries Using Robust Regression Approach S pp.178-187 Download
Dagmar Blatná
Japan and contemporary Asian financial regionalism. What’s the name of the game? L pp.188-198 Download
Sebastian Bobowski
Modeling bilateral flows in economics by means of exact mathematical methods S pp.199-208 Download
Ilya Bolotov
Evaluating the effectiveness of socially-oriented non-profit organizations‘ social projects: approaches and methods M pp.209-219 Download
Luydmila Boronina, Daria Ronzhina, Zinaida Senuk
Prosperity and Stability of SME segment by industry in the Czech Republic E pp.220-230 Download
Pavla Břečková, David Mareš, Jan Lánský
Social portrait of specialist in the field of communications at Russian megalopolis as a problem of the human resources D pp.231-239 Download
Irina Britvina
Innovative potential in the role of human intuition in decision making compared to technologically based computer random decisions in the conditions of uncertainty M pp.240-249 Download
Radim Brixí
The issue of choosing an appropriate legal and organizational form for companies emerging in the Polish economy E pp.250-259 Download
Katarzyna Brożek, Justyna Kogut
Internal training of Russian workers: coverage and effectiveness D pp.260-269 Download
Olga Burtseva, Tatiana Stuken, Tatiana Lapina
Mathematics and e-learning S pp.270-278 Download
Jan Coufal, Jiří Tobíšek
Selected Research Studies in Alzheimer's and Dementia Treatment D pp.279-285 Download
Kornélia Cséfalvaiová
Technical Assumptions of Models Predicting Corporate Financial Distress M pp.286-294 Download
Dagmar Čámská
Leadership and Management Styles of Managers in the Czech Republic and Austria M pp.295-303 Download
Kamila Dedinova
The Consumer Engagement Process as it Relates to a Brand’s Revival Strategy M pp.304-315 Download
Irena Descubes, Tom McNamara
The image of profession as the result of communication in a managers’ training process M pp.316-324 Download
Yana Didkovskaya
Selection Bias Reduction in Credit Scoring Models S pp.325-334 Download
Josef Ditrich
New Approaches to Employment Policy in the European Union and the Czech Republic E pp.335-347 Download
Jiří Dobrylovský, Petr Adámek
Creating of the Scenarios of the Company Development using MCDM Methods in Practice E pp.348-358 Download
Iveta Dočkalíková, Jana Klozíková
Employee engagement as an indicator of staff attitude to the changes in organization M pp.359-369 Download
Ruslan Dolzhenko, Svetlana Ginieva
Mortality at higher ages – comparison of the Gompertz-Makeham function and its modification D pp.370-380 Download
Petra Dotlačilová
Non-financial reporting: the case of the Czech Republic M pp.381-390 Download
Zuzana Dvorakova, Daria Krasnikova, Martin David John Quigley
Rationality and Irrationality in Economics (selected problems) E pp.391-402 Download
Zuzana Džbánková, Pavel Sirůček
Social pollution of the intra-organizational environment in the Czech and Russian enterprises: a comparative analysis D pp.403-412 Download
Alena Fedorova, Zuzana Dvorakova
Possible Modification of the Increase of Retirement Age in the Czech Republic D pp.413-422 Download
Tomáš Fiala
Using high-frequency power-variation estimators in the Bayesian estimation of Stochastic-Volatility Jump-Diffusion models S pp.423-434 Download
Milan Fičura, Jiří Witzany
SME life cycle model under globalization M pp.435-446 Download
Jana Frková, Božena Kadeřábková
Primary education in the Czech Republic from the perspective of PISA D pp.447-455 Download
Simona Fučíková, Michaela Antovová
Impact of Inflation Rate on Demand for Alternative Currency: Case Study for Switzerland’s Wirtschaftsring E pp.456-466 Download
Kateřina Gawthorpe
Unemployment rate in the perspective of Labour Force Survey and national employment offices – measurement problem based on the example of Polish regions E pp.467-476 Download
Dariusz Głuszczuk, Andrzej Raszkowski
Potential of New Management Technologies for Growth of the Industrial Companies' Efficiency M pp.477-486 Download
Anna E. Gorokhova, Jana M. Šafránková, Vladimir D. Sekerin
Food Supplements on EU Market: Illegitimate, Incapable of Being Offered or Foolishly Regulated Products? E pp.487-497 Download
Nicole Grmelova, Jan Vavrečka
Transformation of Demographic Characteristics of the Rural Population of the Warmia and Mazury Voivodship D pp.498-510 Download
Marta Gwiaździńska-Goraj, Sebastian Goraj
Integrated Reporting: New Trend from the Perspective of Czech Companies M pp.511-519 Download
Kristýna Havlová
On-line Calibration of the EWMA Models: Simulations and Applications S pp.520-529 Download
Radek Hendrych
The behaviour of Central and East European stock markets during high-volatility episodes S pp.530-540 Download
Alexandra Horobet, Lucian Belascu
Deflationary Policies in EU Countries – Baltic and Greek Model E pp.541-555 Download
Helena Horská, Daniela Milučká, Jan Marek
Ill-posed Problems in Time series Analysis S pp.556-565 Download
Richard Horský
Geographical, institutional and ownership patterns of foreign direct investment after the economic crisis E pp.566-577 Download
Bronislava Hořejší
Treatment of the data files which do not meet basic conditions of selected statistical method S pp.578-586 Download
Vladimíra Hovorková Valentová, Kateřina Gurinová
Clustering of the Least Developed Countries by the Tourism Economic Impact Analysis S pp.587-596 Download
Gabriela Hrubcová, Tomáš Löster
The Development of Military Spending in Selected European NATO Countries and the Russian Federation during 1990 - 2013 E pp.597-606 Download
Vendula Hynková, Michal Lastovka, Oldřich Faifer
Sustainability Accounting: Brief History and Perspectives M pp.607-616 Download
Jaroslava Hyršlová, Helena Becková, Marie Kubáňková
Development of Marketing Competencies of the Project Team: The Russian Experience M pp.617-626 Download
Gulnara Chernobaeva, Svetlana Apenko, Olga Popova
Analysis of the Modernization Processes in the Siberian Federal District in the Period 2011-2014 D pp.627-634 Download
Dmitry Ivanov, Vladimir Polovinko
Motivational factors influencing vocational choice of secondary school students D pp.635-643 Download
Tatiana Ivanova
Multiobjective genetic programming performance comparison in financial investing S pp.644-654 Download
Martin Jakubéci, Michal Greguš
Municipalities and Social Responsibility, Salaspils Municipality Case M pp.655-666 Download
Inga Jēkabsone, Biruta Sloka
The current state of reporting according to IFRS in transitional economy of the Czech Republic: research survey M pp.667-677 Download
Irena Jindřichovská, Dana Kubíčková
Evaluation of Innovation Potential M pp.678-687 Download
Kateřina Jiřinová, Hana Scholleová
Impact of spatial location of supply chain elements on supply chain cost effectiveness and performances M pp.688-700 Download
Petr Jirsák, Bedřich E. Rathouský, Jakub Jančík
The Importance of mesoeconomic research – the case of the business cycle in the Czech building industry E pp.701-712 Download
Božena Kadeřábková, Petr Maleček
Some robust estimation tools for multivariate models S pp.713-722 Download
Jan Kalina
DEMATEL Method in Practice: Finding the Causal Relations Among Key Competencies D pp.723-732 Download
Katerina Kashi
Preparing students for challenges related to virtual team management M pp.733-742 Download
Eva Kašparová, Jan Mareš
The design of the acceptance sampling plans with enhancement in economic efficiency S pp.743-750 Download
Nikola Kaspříková
Toxic elements of labour relations under conditions of growing precarization of the employment D pp.751-760 Download
Varvara Katashinskikh, Alena Fedorova
Clustering Effects E pp.761-768 Download
Daria Kazakova, Evgeniy Popov, Viktoria Simonova
Cultural Determinants of Corporate Responsibility - as Determined by the Implementation of the Organizational Culture of CSR M pp.769-780 Download
Jacek Kil, Marek Siemiński
Corporate Value Productivity Based on International and National Accounting Standards M pp.781-789 Download
Jiří Klečka, Dagmar Čámská
Solution of Decision Making Problems in Rating of the Level of the Corporate Governance with Using the Method of MADM M pp.790-803 Download
Jana Klozíková, Iveta Dočkalíková
Sampling Inspection by Variables Versus Sampling Inspection by Attributes S pp.804-810 Download
Jindřich Klůfa
Corporate Social Responsibility with the example of railway companies in Poland M pp.811-820 Download
Justyna Kogut, Katarzyna Brożek
System and Method of the Implementation of Controlling at Industrial Organisations in the Czech Republic M pp.821-832 Download
Elena Dmitrievna Korshunova, Filip Bušina
The Comparison of Different Bankruptcy Models in the Conditions of Selected Companies E pp.833-842 Download
Jaroslav Kovárník, Eva Hamplová
Correlation between the spatial and population changes Y pp.843-854 Download
Cezary Kowalczyk, Magdalena Nowak
Defamilisation in Central and Eastern Europe: a Cluster Analysis E pp.855-863 Download
Ryszard Kowalski, Grzegorz Wałęga
The classical school and the Czech national economy E pp.864-871 Download
Jaroslav Krameš
Indicator Systems for Measuring and Monitoring Sustainability of Transport M pp.872-881 Download
Marie Kubáňková, Jaroslava Hyršlová, Helena Becková
Professional education for accounting practice: the case of the Czech Republic M pp.882-891 Download
Dana Kubíčková, Irena Jindřichovská
Human capital efficiency in trading company D pp.892-901 Download
Alžbeta Kucharčíková, Emese Tokarčíková, Mária Ďurišová
Professional succession as a condition for the reproduction of engineering elite D pp.902-909 Download
Maria Kuckildina, Lyudmila Bannikova
The effectiveness evaluating of online shop based on informativity of the product portfolio E pp.910-921 Download
Sergey Kulpin, Evgeny Popov
Сonceptual bases of regional volunteers’ management as human resources D pp.922-931 Download
Anna Kuzminchuk, Maria Pevnaya
Time series analysis of the relationship between mortality and selected economic indicators in the Czech Republic D pp.932-940 Download
Jana Langhamrová, Markéta Arltová
Demographic Window in the Czech Republic (with increasing retirement age) D pp.941-951 Download
Jitka Langhamrová, Tomáš Fiala
Mediation as a conflict management tool in companies D pp.952-961 Download
Radka Lankašová
Working time and working contracts flexibility in Slovakia and in Europe - intercountry comparison D pp.962-974 Download
Erika Ľapinová, Peter Pisár
Distress Risk, Institutional Trading and the Cross Section of Stock Returns E pp.975-1004 Download
Danh Le, Lai Vo
Leadership Challenges M pp.1005-1013 Download
Katerina Legnerova, Iva Pecakova
Evaluation of Coefficients for Determining the Optimal Number of Clusters in Cluster Analysis on Real Data Sets S pp.1014-1023 Download
Tomáš Löster
An employer brand as a signal to attract workforce in the labor market D pp.1024-1033 Download
Marina Ludanik
Birth and survival of new ventures in the Czech Republic M pp.1034-1041 Download
Martin Lukes, Jan Zouhar
Qualifying aspects of foreigners in the Czech Republic E pp.1042-1051 Download
Libuše Macáková
The Fuzzy Clustering Problems and Possible Solutions S pp.1052-1061 Download
Elena Makhalová, Iva Pecáková
Market Efficiency Hypothesis - the Czech FOREX Market Case in 2015 E pp.1062-1068 Download
Petr Makovský
Equivalence scales for evaluation of equivalised income of Czech households S pp.1069-1078 Download
Ivana Malá
Foreign trade Czech and the Slovak Republic - time series analysis S pp.1079-1086 Download
Luboš Marek, Michal Vrabec
Selecting the right manager for the international operations D pp.1087-1096 Download
Mohamed Meeran Mohiadeen Maricar, Marek Stritesky
Performance Measurement System and Market Orientation of SMEs: Preliminary Qualitative Study M pp.1097-1106 Download
Jiří Mařík, Marek Novinský, Miroslav Karlíček
Bayesian approach to high age modeling D pp.1107-1116 Download
Martin Matějka, Tomáš Karel, Jan Fojtík, Pavel Zimmermann
Implementation of the benefit principle in transport tax in Russia E pp.1117-1127 Download
Igor Mayburov, Yulia Leontyeva
Evaluation of Regional Disparities in Visegrad Four Based on Selected MCDM Methods E pp.1128-1137 Download
Eva Minarčíková
Possible Impacts of Information Asymmetry in the Mobile Phone Accessory Market E pp.1138-1144 Download
Michal Mirvald
Implementation of CSR in the Cultural and Creative Industries M pp.1145-1158 Download
Jan Mísař, Jitka Srpová
Impact of the deficit creation on the economic growth: Empirical analysis for EU 14 countries E pp.1159-1168 Download
Martin Murín, Igor Kotlán, Zuzana Machová
Concepts of Firm and National Competitiveness and Changes in Competitiveness of Visegrad Group Countries E pp.1169-1179 Download
Marta Nečadová
Age Management as a Part of Corporate Social Responsibility D pp.1180-1190 Download
Otakar Němec, Alois Surynek
Commercialization of research results. Effectiveness of the patent system M pp.1191-1200 Download
Małgorzata Niklewicz-Pijaczyńska
Organising the effective interaction in the field of management education: the experience from action research M pp.1201-1209 Download
Olga Notman
Prognosis of economic return of investment after extension of the electronic toll system to the roads 1st and 2nd class in the Czech Republic E pp.1210-1222 Download
Petr Novák, Václav Cempírek, Ivo Drahotský
Potential of Labour Market and Economic Dependency - The Models of Estimated Development of Labour Market D pp.1223-1232 Download
Ondřej Nývlt
Statistic and experimental economics E pp.1233-1244 Download
Petr Obergruber
Perspective of the European social model - from welfare to workfare D pp.1245-1254 Download
Marcela Palíšková
The minimum wage in Visegrad countries E pp.1255-1261 Download
Tomáš Pavelka
The technical efficiency of young farmers in the Czech Republic S pp.1262-1269 Download
Marie Pechrová
Funding for the Arts in Times of Public Budget Cuts E pp.1270-1280 Download
Pavla Petrová
Motivations to volunteering among young people: global trends or Russian country specifics? D pp.1281-1290 Download
Maria Pevnaya, Anna Kuzminchuk
The Granger Causality Relationship between International Tourist Arrivals and Foreign Direct Investment: Empirical Evidence from Turkey E pp.1291-1300 Download
Thi Minh Ly Pham, Thi Phi Phung Tran
The Influence of Education Service Quality Level on Student Satisfaction - The Research on the University of Law & Economics HCMC Case M pp.1301-1315 Download
Xuan Lan Pham, Minh Tien Pham
Determinants of health expenditure in Poland E pp.1316-1325 Download
Marlena Piekut, Magdalena Kludacz
Economic and Demographic Profiles of Czech Households E pp.1326-1335 Download
Tomáš Pivoňka, Kornélia Cséfalvaiová, Darya Korlyakova
Insolvency of companies with virtual headquarters E pp.1336-1344 Download
Jan Placek, Lee Louda
Development of the accounting center of transaction costs for enterprises E pp.1345-1354 Download
Natalia Plotnikova, Natalia Gorodnova, Vladimir Matyushok, Andrey Berezin, Elena Shablova
Real outcomes of the higher employee engagement D pp.1355-1364 Download
Tomas Poucha
Measuring the impact of investment projects on regional development: Are projects always good? M pp.1365-1374 Download
Korneliusz Pylak
Regional creativity factors. Towards new dimensions of regional development. E pp.1375-1385 Download
Andrzej Raszkowski, Dariusz Głuszczuk
Modelling the Impact of Oil Price Fluctuations on Volatility of Stock Markets M pp.1386-1396 Download
Petr Seďa
Perceptions of families and parenthood held by female university students: evidence from Russia D pp.1397-1404 Download
Oksana Shubat, Anna Bagirova
Best Practice Approach to Human Resource Management D pp.1405-1414 Download
Martin Šikýř
Cost and Time Comparison for Air and Land Transport between the Czech and Slovak Republics E pp.1415-1423 Download
Sylva Skupinová, Eliška Smotlachová, Jan Máče, Štěpánka Drahoňovská
Spatial concentration of workforce in economy sectors identified by R&D expenditure intensity in the European Union countries E pp.1424-1434 Download
Elżbieta Sobczak, Jacek Welc
Knowledge Economy: the Global Position of the European Union E pp.1435-1444 Download
Jindřich Soukup
The role of higher education in formation the self-employment economy – case of Latvia D pp.1445-1455 Download
Baiba Šavriņa, Santa Sproģe-Rimša
Evaluation of Corporate Social Performance Based on AHP/ANP Approach M pp.1456-1465 Download
Štěpánka Staňková
The use of longitudinal data from the EU SILC in monitoring the employment strategy D pp.1466-1475 Download
Iveta Stankovičová, Ľudmila Ivančíková, Róbert Vlačuha
Inclusive Growth: Towards Equality and Social Cohesion in Europe? D pp.1476-1485 Download
Jakub Stejskal
Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Dependency on the Size of the Location they Work In M pp.1486-1497 Download
Marie Štěpánková, Šárka Bendová, Radka Lankašová, Metodi Koralov, Teodora Nikolova
Segmentation of Human Resources in Conditions of the Czech Labour Market D pp.1498-1507 Download
Václav Stříteský, Marek Stříteský, Martin John David Quigley
Selected factors determining the performance of the Czech public procurement system E pp.1508-1517 Download
Markéta Šumpíková, Juraj Nemec, Daniela Dvorská, Matúš Grega
Technology Readiness of the Czech Republic M pp.1518-1527 Download
Libuše Svobodová
Professional Competencies in Profile of CTU Graduates D pp.1528-1537 Download
Jana Marie Šafránková, Klára Šimonová, Julia Boyko
The Perspectives of Ageing, Employment of Elders and Pensions in the Czech Republic D pp.1538-1547 Download
Martina Šimková, Jaroslav Sixta
Analysis of Changes in Trends of Fertility Time Series in the Czech Republic: Normality and Principal Component Approach S pp.1548-1557 Download
Ondřej Šimpach
Measurement and Evaluation of Innovation M pp.1558-1569 Download
Miroslav Špaček
Investment activity of meat processing companies in the Czech Republic M pp.1570-1580 Download
Jindřich Špička
Nomclust: An R package for hierarchical clustering of objects characterized by nominal variables S pp.1581-1590 Download
Zdeněk Šulc, Hana Řezanková
Confidence interval determination of on-time performance within measurement of the transit time for single piece priority mail M pp.1591-1600 Download
Libor Švadlenka, Kateřina Pojkarová, Daniel Salava
The influence of education and educational homogeneity partnerships on the risk of poverty D pp.1601-1610 Download
Petra Švarcová
From Environmental Management to Corporate Sustainability M pp.1611-1620 Download
Maria Urbaniec
Estimation of Flexicurity Level in EU/EEA Countries Using the Fuzzy Logic Approach E pp.1621-1630 Download
Agnese Vaivade, Edgars Brēķis
Respect of EU Law? Supranational Aspects of Corporate Social Irresponsibility M pp.1631-1642 Download
Jan Vavrečka, Petr Štěpánek
Industry Impact on Structure and Gender Diversity of Company Boards: Evidence from the Czech Republic M pp.1643-1651 Download
Emil Velinov, Milan Maly, Vasko Vasilev
Development of Moral Awareness in Contemporary Leadership: New Approach Based on the Integration of Western Ethical Theory and Practical Eastern Teachings M pp.1652-1665 Download
Marek Vich
Quantitative assessment of institutional invention cycle M pp.1666-1674 Download
Maxim Vlasov, Svetlana Panikarova
Historical Time Series of GDP Employing Standard ESA 2010 S pp.1675-1682 Download
Kristýna Vltavská, Jaroslav Sixta, Martina Šimková, Jan Zeman
The usage of methods for development of talents in Czech organizations D pp.1683-1691 Download
Lucie Vnoučková, Hana Urbancová, Helena Smolová
Performance Indicators in the Czech State Administration E pp.1692-1701 Download
Jana Vodáková
Sources of GVA Growth in Divisions of Manufacturing Sector after Crisis Period E pp.1702-1711 Download
Tomáš Volek, Martina Novotná
Marginalized Theories of Business Cycle Based on Strategic Behavior E pp.1712-1725 Download
Jan Vorlíček, Klára Čermáková
The parental influence on the formation of Russian youth's family values D pp.1726-1735 Download
Anzhelika Voroshilova
Factor Analysis of the Index of Economic Freedom S pp.1736-1743 Download
Michal Vrabec, Luboš Marek
Persistence Models for Customer Equity M pp.1744-1753 Download
Lenka Vraná, Pavel Jašek
Up-to-dateness of Management by Objectives E pp.1754-1763 Download
Petra Vrbová, Václav Cempírek, Ivo Drahotský
Stochastic risk assessment of bio-components installation M pp.1764-1773 Download
Renata Walczak, Pawel Neumann
Determinants of Loan Repayments: Evidence from Household Budget Survey in Poland E pp.1774-1783 Download
Grzegorz Wałęga, Agnieszka Wałęga
Usefulness of multi-criteria taxonomy in comparative valuation of stocks – the Polish experience S pp.1784-1793 Download
Jacek Welc, Elzbieta Sobczak
Functional Income Distribution, Economic Growth and Transformation in China E pp.1794-1803 Download
Xuheng Zang, Yang He
Statistical and Topographical Description of the Czech Lands in the 18th and 19th Century D pp.1804-1813 Download
Prokop Závodský, Ondřej Šimpach
Time as a resource for the modern manager in the conditions of the economic crisis in Russia M pp.1814-1823 Download
Garold Zborovsky, Polina Ambarova
Cost efficiency of Slovak commercial banks under the standpoint of the production approach E pp.1824-1832 Download
Emília Zimková, Martin Boďa
Econometric Modelling of Migration Flows S pp.1833-1842 Download
Tomas Zelinsky, Martina Zudelova