International Days of Statistics and Economics
Conference Proceedings
September 14–16, 2017; Prague
Prague, Czech Republic
ISBN 978-80-87990-12-4
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  • M - Management
  • S - Statistics
  • E - Economics
  • D - Demography

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Development of High-Tech Engineering Companies in Russia M pp.1-9 Download
Mikhail Abrashkin, Mikhail Veselovsky, Jana Šafránková
Graduates in the Labour Market: Evidence from Russian Music Universities D pp.10-18 Download
Elena Anikina, Oksana Shubat, Valentin Anikin
About the history of statistical charts on the territory of the Czech Republic D pp.19-28 Download
Michaela Antovová, Prokop Závodský
Factors and tendencies of development of agile technologies in project management in Russian enterprises M pp.29-38 Download
Svetlana Apenko, Mikhail Romanenko
Human resources for parental labour as a new focus of the Russian demographic policy D pp.39-48 Download
Anna Bagirova
Digital Economy in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Measurement with TOPSIS Based on Entropy Measure for Objective Weighting S pp.49-57 Download
Adam P. Balcerzak
Distribution of social transfers in V4 countries with regard to the type and amount of household income S pp.58-68 Download
Jitka Bartošová, Vladislav Bína
Exploring relationship between developed and developing financial markets by wavelets S pp.69-78 Download
Milan Bašta, Peter Molnár, Karel Helman
Cross-culture differences in leadership D pp.79-86 Download
Ilona Bažantová, Dagmar Charvátová
Destination management organizations and their impact on tourism development in the Czech Republic M pp.87-96 Download
Helena Becková, Božena Nováková
Company Bankruptcies: the Overall Development in the Czech Republic, Including Comparison of its Development by the Regions E pp.97-104 Download
Karina Benetti
How Are the Czech Regions Different and Mutually Similar in Terms of Wages? Cluster Analysis and Wage Models S pp.105-132 Download
Diana Bílková
Analysis of EU Countries’ Material Deprivation Rate S pp.133-142 Download
Dagmar Blatná
Internationalization of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMES) in ASEAN E pp.143-152 Download
Sebastian Bobowski
Assessing process excellence with digitalization M pp.153-163 Download
Zuzana Bodiova, Felipe Martinez
Analysis of publicly disclosed information in Facebook profiles D pp.164-173 Download
Lucie Bohmova, Antonin Pavlicek
Does the analysis of the suppliers‘ financial statements allow to manage risks in terms of ensuring of supplies continuity? M pp.174-182 Download
Jiřina Bokšová, Josef Horák
A non-parametric statistical test for J.R. Hicks’ induced innovation hypothesis S pp.183-194 Download
Ilya Bolotov, Tomáš Evan
Labour migration, from an economic model to an agent based model E pp.195-204 Download
Samira Boulahbel-Bachari, Nadjia El Saadi
Attitude towards migrants of different ethnicities as a factor of social identity formation and human capital quality D pp.205-214 Download
Irina Britvina , Galina Savchuk , Polina Shumilova
Economic Impact of Alzheimer’s Disease Early Detection in Czechia D pp.215-224 Download
Hana Marie Broulíková, Václav Sládek, Markéta Arltová, Jakub Černý
Theoretical and empirical analysis of the SME sector in the Polish economy E pp.225-234 Download
Katarzyna Brożek, Justyna Kogut
En Route for Infinity S pp.235-244 Download
Jan Coufal, Jiří Tobíšek
Using R for the Analysis of Severe Cognitive Impairment D pp.245-252 Download
Kornélia Cséfalvaiová
Dynamics of revenue from real estate market in Polish voivodship capitals during economic downturn E pp.253-263 Download
Joanna Cymerman, Wojciech Cymerman
Time Postponents of Classical Corporate Bankruptcy Models M pp.264-272 Download
Dagmar Čámská
Long term cyclical waves and strategic behavior of economic actors E pp.273-282 Download
Klára Čermáková, Jan Vorlíček
Analysis of Foreign Presence as a Consequence of Internationalization in the Czech Republic E pp.283-292 Download
Renata Čuhlová, Sylvie Kotíková
The question of peak oil E pp.293-301 Download
Jiří Dobrylovský
Social pillar of CSR in the Czech subsidiaries of international companies M pp.302-312 Download
Marie Dohnalova, Katerina Legnerova
Use of HR professional communities in developing the system of professional qualifications D pp.313-323 Download
Ruslan Dolzhenko, Svetlana Ginieva
Comparison of selected mortality models D pp.324-337 Download
Petra Dotlačilová
HR diversity management: the rhetoric and reality in the CR D pp.338-347 Download
Zuzana Dvorakova
Entrepreneurship and Taxation: Relationship between the Corporate Tax Rate and the New Business Formation in the Czech Republic E pp.348-355 Download
Ondřej Dvouletý
The Female Element in a Digital Economy E pp.356-364 Download
Zuzana Džbánková
Differences in average period of receiving pension by education level D pp.365-373 Download
Tomáš Fiala
Importance of robust methods for ARMA order estimating S pp.374-383 Download
Samuel Flimmel, Matej Čamaj, Ivana Malá, Jiří Procházka
Method for fast estimation of life insurance liabilities with respect to different investment strategies S pp.384-394 Download
Jan Fojtík, Jiří Procházka, Pavel Zimmerman, Markéta Švehláková, Simona Macková
Analysing the interaction between the PIB and the education to explain the CO2 emissions M pp.395-406 Download
Catalina García García, Claudia García García, Roman Salmerón Gómez, José García Pérez
A note about the PERT constant variance assumption S pp.407-417 Download
José García Pérez, Catalina García García, María del Mar López Martín
Cooperation in the area of innovations – critical analysis of statistical description and proposals for its modification S pp.418-427 Download
Dariusz Głuszczuk, Andrzej Raszkowski
Introduction of smart grid in Russia: feasibility study M pp.428-438 Download
Konstantin Gomonov, Andrey Berezin, Vladimir Matyushok, Svetlana Balashova
The aging of the population in the north part of Poland D pp.439-448 Download
Marta Gwiazdzinska-Goraj, Sebastian Goraj
Cluster policy in Poland M pp.449-458 Download
Marcin Haberla
Marginal Expected Shortfall: The Czech PX Index Case Study S pp.459-468 Download
Radek Hendrych, Tomáš Cipra
Application of Arima Model to forecast gold price VietNam E pp.469-477 Download
Thanh Tri Ho, Dao Phan, Van Ninh Nguyen, Juraj Sipko
Non-performing Loans and Credit Dynamics in the Czech Republic: Sectoral Differences E pp.478-488 Download
Martin Hodula, Ales Melecky
Will the big data lead to the savings in overhead costs? M pp.489-496 Download
Josef Horák, Jiřina Bokšová
Financial interconnectedness in Europe E pp.497-506 Download
Alexandra Horobet, Anca Mihaela Paraschiv
Sustainable HR Management and Aging Labor Force D pp.507-517 Download
Štěpánka Hronová, Jitka Srpová
Insights into Project Management Office – the Czech Republic Perspective M pp.518-526 Download
Helena Hrůzová, Pavel Šmejkal
Industry 4.0 in clusters M pp.527-537 Download
Zuzana Hykysova, Felipe Martinez
Possible Impacts of Military Deployments on the Hostile Country´s Economy E pp.538-547 Download
Vendula Hynková, Miroslav Krč, Jana Vodáková, Jana Boulaouad
Financial analysis of urban transport companies M pp.548-556 Download
Jaroslava Hyršlová, Helena Becková, Kateřina Beranová
Problems of Interpreting the Results of Population Estimates D pp.557-566 Download
Jozef Chajdiak, Branislav Mišota
Fair advertising as a condition for the existence of free market of goods and services E pp.567-576 Download
Oksana Cherkasova
Supply Chain Management of Retail Food Chain between Warehouses and Stores: A Case Study M pp.577-586 Download
Jan Chocholáč, Tomáš Kučera, Dana Sommerauerová
Need for abolishing reduced VAT rate in the Russian Federation E pp.587-594 Download
Elena Iadrennikova
The precarity of parental labour in Russia and experience of measuring it D pp.595-604 Download
Edgar Ilves, Anna Bagirova
Assessment of Average Market Price of Ferrous Scrap in the Region: Comparative Analysis of Different Approaches S pp.605-614 Download
Tatiana Ivanova, Violetta Trofimova , Mariia Karelina, Galina Valyaeva
Changing Implementation of IFRS in Czech SMEs: Longitudinal Study M pp.615-624 Download
Irena Jindrichovska, Dana Kubickova
Common features and differences in the NAIRU and economic cycle development in the labour market of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1995 – 2012 including the implications for the economic policy makers E pp.625-635 Download
Božena Kadeřábková, Emílie Jašová
Exact inference in robust econometrics under heteroscedasticity S pp.636-645 Download
Jan Kalina, Barbora Peštová
Designing a Marketing Information System Based on the Balanced Scorecard M pp.646-655 Download
Larisa Kapustina, Natalya Izakova, Andrei Drevalev
Conceptual and analytical aspects of the risk system in a regional economy M pp.656-664 Download
Elena Karanina, Nina Ilysheva, Sergey Krylov
Statistical analysis of regional integration activities of Russian companies to improve the competitiveness of the Russian economy S pp.665-674 Download
Mariia Karelina, Tatiana Ivanova, Violetta Trofimova, Valyaeva Galina
Application of the Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA) and TOPSIS Method in Competency Modelling D pp.675-684 Download
Katerina Kashi
A blackjack game strategy evaluation S pp.685-692 Download
Nikola Kaspříková
Analysis of Value Productivity of Selected Food Processing Enterprises Using Retail Brands M pp.693-702 Download
Jiří Klečka
Sampling inspection by attributes – advantages and disadvantages S pp.703-711 Download
Jindřich Klůfa
The impact of intellectual capital on the competitiveness of Polish regions E pp.712-723 Download
Justyna Kogut, Katarzyna Brozek
Human resource policy: the way to increase the investment attractiveness of the municipal territory. D pp.724-733 Download
Alexandr Kokovikhin
The efficiency of health tourism infrastructure in Croatia E pp.734-743 Download
Lana Kordić, Blanka Šimundić
Stimulating of university teachers’ work in modern conditions (case of Omsk region) M pp.744-751 Download
Olga Korzhova, Tatiana Lapina
Evaluation of Probability of Market Strategy Profitability Using PCA Method S pp.752-760 Download
Pavla Kotatkova Stranska, Jana Heckenbergerova
The Comparison of Prediction Ability of Selected Credibility Models in the Textile Industry in the Czech Republic E pp.761-770 Download
Jaroslav Kovárník, Eva Hamplová
Was the development of Czech economics thought in Czechoslovakia unusual? E pp.771-780 Download
Jaroslav Krameš
How could flexible labor impact on innovation? E pp.781-791 Download
Laurencia S. Krismadewi
Economic and environmental evaluation of municipal waste – new fermentation technology of small-scale biogas stations M pp.792-800 Download
Marie Kubáňková, Jaroslava Hyršlová, Jan Nedělník, Jiří Rusín, Kateřina Chamrádová
Evaluation of survival prospects in the economically active age groups: a gender perspective in Russia D pp.801-810 Download
Aleksandr Kuzmin, Galina Bannykh, Svetlana Kostina
Volunteering and professional self-actualization of students: findings from mixed methods researches D pp.811-820 Download
Anna Kuzminchuk, Maria Pevnaya
Poland and China in the light of Hofstede cultural dimensions E pp.821-830 Download
Aleksandra Kuźmińska-Haberla
Reporting of non-financial information by enterprises posing risks to the environment M pp.831-841 Download
Marzanna Lament
Conflict and Time D pp.842-848 Download
Radka Lankašová
Work satisfaction of non-standard employed in Russia D pp.849-856 Download
Tatiana Lapina, Tatiana Stuken
Regional business structure as the factor affecting the innovation potential of the regions in Slovakia E pp.857-866 Download
Jan Hunady, Erika Lapinova, Peter Pisar
Recruitment in the social enterprises D pp.867-876 Download
Katerina Legnerova
The study of precarious jobs as the basis for the unstable employment identification E pp.877-885 Download
Svetlana Lobova, Aleksei Bogoviz
Comparison of Results of Selected Clustering Methods on Real Data Set S pp.886-896 Download
Tomáš Löster
Czech Labour Market and its Position in International Competitiveness Rankings E pp.897-905 Download
Libuše Macáková
First transposition anniversary of harmonized mortgages : What is the target and was it hit? E pp.906-915 Download
Radka MacGregor Pelikánová, Robert MacGregor
The Reflection of the Shared Economy in National Accounting - the Czech Republic Case E pp.916-928 Download
Petr Makovský
L-moments of a finite mixture of probability distributions S pp.929-938 Download
Ivana Malá
Corporate Governance of Non-Profit Organizations (Case of Public Hospitals in ČR) M pp.939-951 Download
Milan Malý
Determinants of tourist demand in Slovakia and Poland E pp.952-961 Download
Vanda Maráková , Anna Wolak-Tuzimek, Marzanna Lament
The effect of extreme wages on average wage values S pp.962-969 Download
Lubos Marek
Research of the socio-economic situation of the population of the Czech republic by way of macroeconomic factors D pp.970-980 Download
David Mareš, Gabriela Dlasková
Assessment of transportation preferences by means of laboratory experiments E pp.981-990 Download
Igor Mayburov, Yulia Leontyeva
Productivity in health care section of the Slovak economy E pp.991-1001 Download
Silvia Megyesiová, Vanda Lieskovská
Theoretical Background of Applying Economic Tools within the Global Security Policy E pp.1002-1011 Download
Zdeněk Mikulka, Vendula Hynková
Suitability of Porter’s SD model and the 9F model for Evaluation of National Competitiveness of Visegrad Group Countries and Germany E pp.1012-1023 Download
Marta Nečadová
How Is Employee Perception of Organizational Efforts and Their Reactions in Corporate Social Responsibility Related to Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Vietnamese Enterprises? M pp.1024-1033 Download
Trung Duc Nguyen, Vy Thuy Nguyen
The effect of job stress and work motivation on job performance of employee in the hotel industry: the case of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam M pp.1034-1043 Download
Quoc Loc Nguyen, Phuong Dung Trinh
The impact of technology spillover from foreign direct investment on economic growth: evidence in Vietnam E pp.1044-1055 Download
Thanh Nhan Nguyen, Thanh Tung Le , Thi Quynh Nhu Pham
Patent Activity of Companies Located in Technology Parks E pp.1056-1064 Download
Małgorzata Niklewicz-Pijaczyńska
Demands of Russian managers in the area of advanced training M pp.1065-1074 Download
Olga Notman
The United States-Africa trade in the 21st century E pp.1075-1084 Download
Wioletta Nowak
Development and projection of single-parent families in the Czech Republic D pp.1085-1092 Download
Ondřej Nývlt
Experiment design in economic science E pp.1093-1105 Download
Petr Obergruber
Decision-Making vs. Professional Culture: Modern Russian Universities’ Dilemma M pp.1106-1113 Download
Konstantin M. Olkhovikov, Svetlana V. Olkhovikova
Publishing on issues of race and ethnicity: why management journals are not (racially) colour blind M pp.1114-1125 Download
Warsame Osmar
Youth unemployment in the European Union D pp.1126-1134 Download
Marcela Paliskova
Knowledge Management and Research Productivity: Measuring at the University M pp.1135-1145 Download
Svetlana Panikarova, Maxim Vlasov
Modern Pricing Strategies in the Internet Market E pp.1146-1152 Download
Maksim Patshin, Sergey Kulpin
Long-term unemployment in the Czech Republic and the effect of distraints E pp.1153-1162 Download
Tomáš Pavelka
Impact of gender and personality traits (BFI-10) on trust - managerial approach M pp.1163-1170 Download
Antonin Pavlicek, Frantisek Sudzina
Lifetime earnings and life expectancy D pp.1171-1181 Download
Radoslav Peter, Martin Šuster
The Impact of Financial Crisis in 2008 to Global Financial Market: Empirical Result from ASIAN E pp.1182-1191 Download
Thi Ngan Pham, Cong Duc Tran
The Effect of Electronic Word-of-Mouth on Brand Image, Perceived Value and Purchase Intention of Smartphone's Consumer M pp.1192-1205 Download
Thi Minh Ly Pham, Thao Thien Ngo
Analysis of health expenditure in Polish households of elderly people E pp.1206-1213 Download
Marlena Piekut, Magdalena Kludacz-Alessandri
Structural Equation Modeling of Regional Economic Development in Polish Voivodeships in the Years 2010-2014 S pp.1214-1222 Download
Michał Bernard Pietrzak
Foreign Direct Investment and Development in the Visegrad Countries – a Panel Data Analysis E pp.1223-1232 Download
Czesława Pilarska, Grzegorz Wałęga
Challenges in Acquisition Accounting: Identifying Control and Controllers is Tricky E pp.1233-1244 Download
Pietro Andrea Podda, David Muir
Rural Entrepreneurship as a Driving Force for Regional Development E pp.1245-1252 Download
Sergey N. Polbitsyn
Weighting methods for constructing composite indices in regional development S pp.1253-1262 Download
Eva Poledníková, Lukáš Melecký
Ethno-social processes of innovative development E pp.1263-1273 Download
Evgeny Popov, Maksim Vlasov, Nikolay Kengurogov
Changing the way management is taught M pp.1274-1284 Download
David Anthony Procházka, Michal Konvalinka
Managing related variety in smart specialisation industries: Company-specific development paths M pp.1285-1294 Download
Korneliusz Pylak, Dariusz Majerek
Whom can we entrust pension saving: sociological analysis practies of Russian Federation D pp.1295-1304 Download
Tatiana Radchenko, Lyudmila Voronina
Contemporary developmental directions of revitalization projects: Polish experiences E pp.1305-1314 Download
Andrzej Raszkowski, Dariusz Głuszczuk
State management of information openness of education organizations in the Russian Federation M pp.1315-1322 Download
Tatiana Rezer
Do European Funds for Sustainable Growth Policy Support Conveeregence Process? E pp.1323-1330 Download
Elżbieta Rogalska, Michał Bernard Pietrzak, Adam P. Balcerzak
Labour Productivity of the EU Member States in Selected Sections of Economy E pp.1331-1341 Download
Anna Rozkošová, Silvia Megyesiová
Utility over Two Centuries E pp.1342-1353 Download
Lada Rusmichová
Personal Interaction Factors in Sales Process M pp.1354-1361 Download
David Říha, Michael Stros , Timothy Heinze, Elena Říhová
On evaluating of fuzzy clustering results S pp.1362-1372 Download
Elena Říhová, Tatiana Makhalova
The Implementation of the Innovative Production Planning in VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation: Problems and Perspectives M pp.1373-1380 Download
Natalya Savchenko
New Approaches to the Solution of Non-standard Business Problems in Turbulent Economy M pp.1381-1390 Download
Vladimir Sekerin, Anna Gorokhova
Students’ educational activity stimulation as the development factor of their human capital D pp.1391-1399 Download
Nina Shabrova, Anna Kuzminchuk
Demographical dynamics and Russia’s crisis of the family institution D pp.1400-1408 Download
Irina Shmarova, Oksana Shubat
Changes in Investment Rate and Innovation Inputs in Czech and Slovak Manufacturing and High-tech Manufacturing Industry M pp.1409-1420 Download
Hana Scholleova, Marta Necadova
Comparative analysis of tax incentives in special economic zones in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region E pp.1421-1430 Download
Olga Sinenko, Igor Mayburov
Application of clustering methods in bank‘s propensity model S pp.1431-1439 Download
Sergej Sirota, Hana Řezanková
Revolution 4.0. A New Economy? E pp.1440-1449 Download
Pavel Sirůček, Zuzana Džbánková
The use of L-moments in testing normality S pp.1450-1459 Download
Václav Sládek
Different Views on Default Receivables in the Czech Republic M pp.1460-1469 Download
Luboš Smrčka, Dagmar Čámská
Role of the Government in the Development of Special Economic Zones and Industrial Parks in Russia M pp.1470-1480 Download
Sergey Sosnovskikh
Comparison of the calibration of mortality models on the Czech data D pp.1481-1491 Download
Petr Sotona
Innovation Performance of the Visegrad Group Countries from 2007 to 2015 E pp.1492-1501 Download
Jindřich Soukup
The Regulation of Network Industries E pp.1502-1510 Download
Jana Soukupová
Financial distress criteria defined by model based clustering S pp.1511-1520 Download
Mária Stachová, Lukáš Sobíšek, Michal Gerthofer, Karel Helman
Analysis of monetary poverty measures in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Spain S pp.1521-1536 Download
Iveta Stankovičová, Estefanía Mourelle
To the limits of human knowledge of the brain: The relevance of neuroscience tools in marketing practice and research M pp.1537-1546 Download
Adriana Starostová
Selected Causes of Population Ageing and the Proposals to Its Mitigation D pp.1547-1555 Download
Jakub Stejskal, Jitka Bartošová
Sales Process in State Controlled Prescription-Pharmaceuticals Markets S pp.1556-1566 Download
Michael Stros, Nick Lee, David Říha
Key Factors for Becoming an Employer of Choice in Conditions of the Czech Labour Market D pp.1567-1576 Download
Marek Stříteský, Václav Stříteský, Martin John David Quigley
Graduates with engineering education on the Russian labor market: shortage of supply or low quality of jobs? D pp.1577-1585 Download
Tatiana Stuken, Olga Korzhova
Performance Management in the Slovak Tax Administration E pp.1586-1594 Download
Marketa Sumpikova, Juraj Nemec, Emil Burak
Job Expectations of Different Generations of Workforce and Changes in Human Resource Management Practices D pp.1595-1604 Download
Martin Šikýř, Jana M. Šafránková
Tertiary sector in relation with population ageing D pp.1605-1614 Download
Martina Šimková, Jitka Langhamrová
Demographic modelling of farmers’ population D pp.1615-1623 Download
Ondřej Šimpach, Marie Pechrová
Determinants of the willingness to pay of inhabitants for externalities related to the presence of agricultural biogas stations near their homes E pp.1624-1632 Download
Marie Šimpachová Pechrová
Open Innovation and Sharing Economy as Key Building Blocks of Collaborative Economy Approach M pp.1633-1643 Download
Miroslav Špaček, Jiří Hájek
Economic impact of the European Union and its perception by society in the Czech Republic E pp.1644-1652 Download
Václav Špetlík
Long-term determinants of the Nonprofit Sector Serving Households in the Czech Republic E pp.1653-1662 Download
Jindřich Špička, Markéta Arltová
The impact of the quality of national education system to the innovation and business environment M pp.1663-1673 Download
Lenka Švecová
Niche marketing-management strategies of Russian banks in the private banking segment M pp.1674-1684 Download
Galina Timokhina, Larisa Kapustina
The relationship between motivation and efficiency of professional sales managers D pp.1685-1692 Download
Yulia Tokareva, Aleksander Tokarev
Effect of eWow and Social Influence on Product Adoption Intention M pp.1693-1706 Download
Tuan Minh Phung, Ly Thi Minh Pham, Nga Hong Do
Global Changes in the International Movement of Capital: the Role of the Countries with Developing Markets M pp.1707-1717 Download
Khanifa Tyrkba, Astkhik Nalbandyan, Ani Oganesyan
The Use of Activity-Based Costing in Pricing Decisions - the Example of Prune Production M pp.1718-1728 Download
Marina Vasilić
Dependencies between Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Subindexes: The Robust Quantile Regression Approach S pp.1729-1739 Download
Petra Vašaničová , Eva Litavcová, Sylvia Jenčová, Martina Košíková
The Specifics of Development and Management of Innovative Infrastructure of Russian Industry M pp.1740-1749 Download
Mikhail Veselovsky, Martin Šikýř, Mikhail Abrashkin
Relationship between Country Credit Rating and Country Performance: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach E pp.1750-1759 Download
Josip Visković, Lana Kordić
Impact of types of rewards on efficiency of talent management and development programmes D pp.1760-1769 Download
Lucie Vnoučková, Hana Urbancová, Helena Smolová
Financial reporting of the Czech state-funded institutions E pp.1770-1779 Download
Jana Vodáková, Miroslav Krč
Neural network regression and linear regression in the estimate of the price of gold on the New York Stock Exchange S pp.1780-1789 Download
Marek Vochozka
Labour market in the context of Industry 4.0 E pp.1790-1799 Download
Tomáš Volek, Martina Novotná
Identification of parental labour motivational factors by future parents D pp.1800-1807 Download
Anzhelika Voroshilova
Risk in Evaluation of Bids for Public Contracts. Empirical Research from the Czech Republic M pp.1808-1816 Download
Lucie Vrbova, Jiri Hajek
Consignment Stock Concept and its Information Resources in the Czech Republic M pp.1817-1826 Download
Petra Vrbová, Jiří Alina, Václav Cempírek
The impact of the crisis on EU monetary zone E pp.1827-1834 Download
Darko B. Vukovic
Determinants of information systems usage and acceptance in higher education M pp.1835-1844 Download
Renata Walczak
Linking household debt and health: some empirical evidence from Poland E pp.1845-1853 Download
Grzegorz Wałęga, Agnieszka Wałęga
Usefulness of multi-criteria taxonomy in corporate bankruptcy prediction – the Polish experience S pp.1854-1862 Download
Jacek Welc, Elzbieta Sobczak
Good Practices of Polish Enterprises in Areas of Corporate Social Responsibility M pp.1863-1872 Download
Anna Wolak-Tuzimek
Strategic Career Planning of State Civil Officials Within the Frames of Personnel Policy Realization M pp.1873-1882 Download
Ekaterina Zaitseva, Vladimir Zapariy
The consumer behaviour and the lifestyle of the age group 55+ D pp.1883-1892 Download
Marcela Zamazalová, Oldřich Vávra
Industrial Heritage as a Component of the Urals' Attractive Image M pp.1893-1902 Download
Vladimir Zapariy, Ekaterina Zaitseva
The development of statistics in the first decade of Czechoslovak Republic S pp.1903-1913 Download
Prokop Závodský, Ondřej Šimpach
The influence of demographic factors on the structural changes of the student community D pp.1914-1922 Download
Garold Zborovsky, Polina Ambarova