International Days of Statistics and Economics
Conference Proceedings
September 9–11, 2021; Prague
Prague, Czech Republic
ISBN 978-80-87990-25-4
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  • M - Management
  • S - Statistics
  • E - Economics
  • D - Demography

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Managerial risks of human capital transfer in the education system: the case of Russia D pp.1–10 Download
Polina Ambarova, Garold Zborovsky
Influence of team personnel involvement on indicators of success of innovative projects of enterprises M pp.11–20 Download
Svetlana Apenko, Mikhail Romanenko
Prospects and barriers to the use of modern technologies for professional development (on the example of the Omsk region) D pp.21–30 Download
Anna Arbuz, Vladimir Polovinko
Forecasting Dynamics of Reproductive Intentions in a Russian Region Under Pro-natalist Policy D pp.31–39 Download
Anna Bagirova
Institutional factors of the youth's innovative potential development D pp.40–49 Download
Liudmila Boronina, Aleksandr Baliasov
The economic liberalism and the evolution of its content E pp.50–59 Download
Ilona Bažantová, Jan Horych
Investigation of the relationship between loyalty card ownership, brand loyalty and level of consumption P pp.60–69 Download
Filip Beneš, Václav Stříteský
An Actuarial Approach for Credibility Modelling for Extreme Claims Applied on Non-life Czech Insurance Market S pp.70–80 Download
Karina Benetti
Wage Diversification in OECD Member Countries: A Challenge for Some Countries' Governments and Social Systems S pp.81–108 Download
Diana Bílková
How Medical Emergency Influence between Human Resource Delivered Practices and Employee Innovative Work Behavior P pp.109–124 Download
Khalifa Bin Humaida, Miroslav Spacek
Perspectives for a European Living Wage: a Comparative Analysis of National and International Living Wages E pp.125–136 Download
Jan Bittner
Assessment of satisfaction of the unemployed with employment centers services: the case of Russia D pp.137–146 Download
Nadezhda Bogachenko, Dmitry Lavrov
Human capital of a country and gender identity of external migrants D pp.147–154 Download
Irina Britvina, Anastasiia Iufereva
The role of gender on forming social entrepreneurship intentions in emerging economies M pp.155–163 Download
Anh Bui Ngoc Tuan, Minh Pham
Imputation methods for missing categorical data in cluster analysis S pp.164–172 Download
Jana Cibulková, Lucie Nováková, Jaroslav Horníček
Emil Schoenbaum S pp.173–182 Download
Jan Coufal, Petra Dotlačilová, Jiří Tobíšek
EVT Based Analysis of Price Changes of GME Stock Prior to Year 2021 S pp.183–195 Download
Adam Čabla
Key Barriers of Performance of Agile Teams in non-IT area D pp.196–206 Download
Daniela Černá
Mobile virtual operators: The case of the Czech Republic E pp.207–216 Download
Jakub Čihák
The Subjective Wellbeing of Russian Youth and Its Influence on Educational, Professional and Demographic Strategies D pp.217–226 Download
Yana Didkovskaya, Dmitriy Onegov, Evgeniy Popov
Employment Changes in the Czech Population over 50 Years of Age D pp.227–236 Download
Marie Dohnalová, Kateřina Legnerová
Modelling of Mortality – Kannisto and Weibull Model D pp.237–246 Download
Petra Dotlačilová
Problems of determining the minimum wage after the adoption of the directive on adequate minimum wages in the EU: The case of the Slovak Republic E pp.247–260 Download
Gabriela Dováľová, Ján Košta
Educationally Unsuccessful Students: Human Capital and Behavioral Strategies D pp.261–270 Download
Anna Drozdova
Organizational citizenship behavior leads to behaviors orienting self-benefit: a viewpoint from self-regulation perspective M pp.271–280 Download
Trung Duc Nguyen
Analysis of Aid and Its Impact on Donor´s Exports with the Gravity Model of International Trade: A Case of the Czech Republic E pp.281–289 Download
Gabriela Dufková, Monika Smělá
Revolution 4.0 and Coronacrisis as a Civilizational Crossroads? E pp.290–299 Download
Zuzana Džbánková, Pavel Sirůček
Academic managerialism in Russian universities: problems and prospects of human capital development of the academic community D pp.300–308 Download
Svetlana Ermolaeva
The socio-demographic development of the region in situations of pandemic D pp.309–317 Download
Olga Gokova, Albina Kiseleva
The development of green hydrogen: assessment of approaches M pp.318–327 Download
Konstantin Gomonov, Vladimir Matyushok
Budget Procedures, Fiscal Rules and Fiscal Planning in EU Countries: Implications for Different Fiscal Governance Forms E pp.328–337 Download
Martin Gorčák
Problems of corporate entrepreneurship development in Russian companies M pp.338–346 Download
Anna E. Gorokhova, Vladimir D. Sekerin
Study of modelling the time to loan default using multi-state models S pp.347–357 Download
Filip Habarta, Lubomír Štěpánek, Stanislav Kováč, Ivana Malá
Bankruptcy fuzzy prediction index for businesses reflecting the Covid-19 economic consequences E pp.358–367 Download
Simona Hašková
Influence of Demographic Factor of Age on Households’ Responsivity to E-mail Offers Related to Household Management D pp.368–377 Download
Jana Hejjova, Emil Exenberger, Jozef Bucko
Statistical Multivariate Analysis of Indicators Responding to Sanctions and Countersanctions Concerning the Russian Federation: The Russian Business Perspective S pp.378–388 Download
Vít Hinčica, Hana Řezanková, Victoria Povolotskaya
Exploring Nonlinear Effects of Board of Directors’ Characteristics on Firm Performance: Evidence from Vietnam D pp.389–399 Download
Trang Cam Hoang, Hoa Anh Tran
Scenarios of future fertility development in the Czech Republic based on the Functional demographic model D pp.400–409 Download
Filip Hon, Jitka Langhamrová
Pólyas´s Theorems on Random Walks. The Precise Role of Generating Functions in their Proofs S pp.410–418 Download
Richard Horský
Utilization of Data Mining Methods for Automation of Iron Ore Raw Materials Production Processes S pp.419–428 Download
Tatiana Ivanova, Violetta Trofimova, Mariia Karelina, Ekaterina Kalinina
New challenges for Russian companies: problems and prospects of economic growth M pp.429–438 Download
Marina Izmailova, Michail Veselovsky, Martin Šikýř, Lenar Yunusov
Large Energy Companies – Strategic Decisions under Regulatory Pressure E pp.439–449 Download
Jindřich Jílek, Martin Špaček, Jiřina Jílková, Julius Janáček
On kernel-based nonlinear regression estimation S pp.450–459 Download
Jan Kalina, Petra Vidnerová
Customer’s satisfaction in the industrial market: case study M pp.460–470 Download
Larisa Kapustina, Natalya Izakova, Andrei Drevalev, Kristina Sychugova
Methodical approach to improving risk management systems at Russian enterprises M pp.471–480 Download
Mariia Karelina, Svetlana Dzeranova, Tatiana Ivanova, Violetta Trofimova
Calculation of rectifying acceptance sampling plans in LTPDvar package S pp.481–488 Download
Nikola Kaspříková
Economic security of the industrial region in the conditions of the pandemic (by the materials of Omsk region) E pp.489–498 Download
Albina Kiseleva, Olga Gokova
Evaluation of distance exams in mathematics S pp.499–508 Download
Jindřich Klůfa
Practical economic aspects of measures influencing mountain resorts in the Czech Republic E pp.509–519 Download
Gabriela Koľveková, Eva Kaňková
Assessment of the level of managerial competencies of middle managers in Russian organizations D pp.520–527 Download
Olga Korzhova, Tatiana Lapina
Health factors and self-preservation behaviour of young people: the results of the students’ survey in Yekaterinburg (Russia) D pp.528–535 Download
Olga Kozlova, Mariya Makarova
To the beginnings of modern economic thought in Moravia and the University of Olomouc E pp.536–544 Download
Jaroslav Krameš
The effect of revenue management on performance: Characteristics of existing research via content analysis P pp.545–554 Download
Markéta Kubíčková
Innovative Management to the Change of the Logistic Process in the Warehouse M pp.555–564 Download
Tomáš Kučera, Tomáš Vilímek
Alternative approach to creating a model for predicting financial distress in Czech companies P pp.565–574 Download
Michal Kuděj
Typology of students' economic behavior in the context of educational success or failure problem D pp.575–582 Download
Sergey Kulpin
Position as a factor of working time flexibility D pp.583–590 Download
Tatiana Lapina, Tatiana Stuken
Integrated Structures Features of the Russian Agro-industrial Complex M pp.591–599 Download
Natalia Leshchenko, Boris Koshelev
Water attractions and their price elasticity of demand: description of research E pp.600–610 Download
Marie Ligocká, Gabriela Koľveková
Analysis of clustering using the results of the metod PCA S pp.611–618 Download
Tomáš Löster
Comparison of results of various methods assessing internal CSR information in the COVID era M pp.619–629 Download
Radka MacGregor Pelikánová, Filip Rubáček, Robert Kenyon MacGregor
Demographic Asymmetry of a Region: a Local Analysis Using Spatial Econometrics D pp.630–637 Download
Mariya Makarova
Modelling of the probability distribution of the deprivation indices in European countries S pp.638–648 Download
Ivana Malá
Link between product quality and price examined on potato chips S pp.649–657 Download
Lukáš Malec, Jan Pivoňka, Magdaléna Hrubá
Corporate research collaboration and the diffusion of technologies in Russia D pp.658–667 Download
Andrey Mikhaylov, Anna Mikhaylova
The sprawl of the Moscow urban innovation system M pp.668–678 Download
Anna Mikhaylova, Andrey Mikhaylov
Stories and Meta-stories in Organizational Context M pp.679–687 Download
Ludmila Mládková
Cross-cultural Challenges and Opportunities across Middle and Top-level Managers in Selected Automotive Firms M pp.688–699 Download
Vincent Montenero, Emil Velinov, Cristina Cazorzi
An Evaluation of the Impact of Economic Factors on Life Expectancy P pp.700–709 Download
David Morávek, Jitka Langhamrová
Impact of alternative attitude to aggregation on the EU-28 results in GCI (Global Competitiveness Index) E pp.710–720 Download
Marta Nečadová
Comparison of market value added - The case of the automotive industry in selected EU countries E pp.721–731 Download
Pavel Neset, Romana Čižinská
Succession Transition in Family Businesses E pp.732–741 Download
Tomáš Novák, Jiří Dobrylovský, Petr Adámek
The influence of the selected macroeconomic indicators on the performance of economies in 2020 E pp.742–751 Download
Jiří Nožička
Old-style Orthodox Christians’ Entrepreneurship Motivation D pp.752–760 Download
Konstantin Olkhovikov, Anton Korobeynikov
Do brand responses increase customer reviews? An analysis of online cosmetic reviews in a Russian retail giant M pp.761–770 Download
Michael Olumekor, Sergey N. Polbitsyn
Parallel Workplace Realities in the (Post) Pandemic World: The Case of Virtual Coworking M pp.771–780 Download
Marko Orel
Outward FDI and Home Country Export Spillover Effects E pp.781–790 Download
Osarumwense Osabuohien-Irabor, Drapkin Igor Mikhailovich
Nonlinear educational practices of Russian students as a factor in enriching their human capital D pp.791–800 Download
Svetlana Pankova
Comparing the results of mathematics exams between the informatics and economics study programmes S pp.801–808 Download
Jana Pasáčková
Exogenous Factors That Influence Returns of Bitcoin and Ether E pp.809–818 Download
Tomas Pečiulis, Asta Vasiliauskaitė
The Use of Smart Contracts in the Cryptocurrency Market (and Beyond) M pp.819–828 Download
Pietro Andrea Podda, Pavel Macura, Harold Neal
Соnditions and Contradictions of Continuous Professional Development at Mechanical Engineering Enterprises (on the Example of the Omsk Region) D pp.829–838 Download
Vladimir Polovinko, Anna Arbuz
Social services for senior citizens: comparative analysis of different Russian regions D pp.839–848 Download
Tatiana Radchenko, Tatiana Kasyanova
The impact of non-state pension funds and management companies remuneration on pension funds` return E pp.849–857 Download
Irina Reutova, Natalia Ogorelkova
Information about the municipal government bodies as a realization of the openness principle M pp.858–865 Download
Tatiana Rezer
Models of Internet behavior of “digital natives” in contemporary Russia: opportunities and risks for the education system D pp.866–873 Download
Dmitry Rudenkin
Cooperative for the Future E pp.874–883 Download
Lada Rusmichová
Regional information resources as support for the Russian pronatalist policy D pp.884–893 Download
Daria Saitova, Mikhail Bykov
The Human Capital of Unsuccessful College Students from the Standpoint of Objective and Subjective Assessments D pp.894–903 Download
Nina Shabrova
Irresponsible Parenting as a Factor in Reducing the Quality and Quantity of Human Capital: the Specifics of Regional Situations in Russia D pp.904–912 Download
Oksana Shubat, Irina Shmarova
Work Abroad as an Accelerator of Social Mobility and Life-long Learning M pp.913–924 Download
Dagmar Sieglová, Pavlína Příbramská
Level of Education in Russia: Interregional Differences and Prospects for Change Between 2002 and 2010 D pp.925–934 Download
Arseniy L. Sinitsa
Old and New Theories of the Transformation of Capitalism E pp.935–944 Download
Pavel Sirůček, Zuzana Džbánková
Approach to Prioritisation of EU Countries Regarding Digital Economy E pp.945–955 Download
Viktorija Skvarciany, Daiva Jurevičienė
Drugstore private labels and university students at the czech market M pp.956–965 Download
Marie Slabá
Beta and Sigma Convergence of V4 Countries and the European Union E pp.966–976 Download
Jindřich Soukup, Jana Soukupová
Financial distress classification S pp.977–988 Download
Mária Stachová, Pavol Kráľ
Transformation of par yield curves on zero yield curves with focus on the Smith-Wilson method S pp.989–999 Download
Tomáš Šťastný, Jiří Koudelka, Jana Cibulková
Middle managers in Russian companies: analysis of intergenerational differences D pp.1000–1007 Download
Tatiana Stuken, Olga Korzhova
Motivation of Organizations for Sustainability – the Case of a Large Industrial Company in the Czech Republic P pp.1008–1018 Download
Markéta Svobodová
Relationship between Enterprise risk management and firm performance M pp.1019–1027 Download
Lenka Syrova
Potential macroeconomic risks from the unfavorable demographic development of population aging on the example of the Czech Republic D pp.1028–1037 Download
Jaroslav Šetek
Economic Activity of Elderly People in Economic Industries D pp.1038–1047 Download
Martina Šimková, Jaroslav Sixta
Benedikt Korda and the development of econometrics and operational research on Prague School of Economics S pp.1048–1058 Download
Ondřej Šimpach, Jan Kodera, Prokop Závodský
Generational change of managers in agricultural holdings D pp.1059–1068 Download
Marie Šimpachová Pechrová, Ondřej Šimpach
Critical Assessment of the Development of Open Innovation Using Actor-Network Theory Approach M pp.1069–1082 Download
Veronika Šlapáková Losová
Management Of Risks And Uncertainties Of Business Processes By Means Of Stochastic Approaches M pp.1083–1093 Download
Miroslav Špaček, Zdeněk Kopecký, Petr Půlpán
On inequalities that contain both sample sizes and Student t-quantiles depending on the sizes: a beauty of selected Diophantine problems in statistics P pp.1094–1103 Download
Lubomír Štěpánek, Filip Habarta, Ivana Malá, Luboš Marek
Impacts of the lock-down during the COVID-19 crisis on project management M pp.1104–1114 Download
Lenka Švecová, Lukáš Mastný
How to grow competitiveness of digital banking in the process of creating value for wealthy customers M pp.1115–1124 Download
Galina Timokhina, Yuri Gribanov, Lyubov Prokopova, Stanislav Zaitsev, Natalia Ivashkova, Taira Murtuzalieva
Analysis of the use of sharing platforms by enterprises in the Russian market E pp.1125–1133 Download
Ekaterina Tsenina, Olga Saginova
Innovative Management of Logistic Processes in the Context of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions M pp.1134–1143 Download
Šárka Vančurová, Jan Chocholáč, Jiří Křupka
Supporting Demographic Policy in Russia: Business-Level Opportunities and Advantages M pp.1144–1153 Download
Asya Vavilova, Anna Bagirova, Natalia Shutova
Psychological well-being as a condition of the readiness of university professors for organizational change D pp.1154–1161 Download
Emil Velinov, Oksana Isaeva, Svetlana Savinova
Examination of the Relationship between Self-compassion, Self-efficacy, Forgiveness and Perceived Stress in Business Education M pp.1162–1171 Download
Marek Vich
Relationship between human capital development and innovative development: Russian case M pp.1172–1181 Download
Maxim Vlasov
Resource efficiency and economic growth in V4 countries E pp.1182–1190 Download
Tomáš Volek, Martina Novotná, Antonín Šmejkal
The Quality Improvement of the Social Services Aimed at the Elderly People Within the Context of the Transformation of the Social Welfare State D pp.1191–1200 Download
Lyudmila Voronina, Ekaterina Zaitseva, Tatiana Radchenko
Dynamic Capabilities, Market Orientation and Transformational Leadership: a Qualitative Study P pp.1201–1209 Download
Jan Wegert
Publication Potential of Russian Universities as a Result of State Support D pp.1210–1218 Download
Ekaterina Zaitseva, Lyudmila Voronina, Tatyana Kasyanova
Modelling of Cancellation of Insurance Contracts Using Survival Analysis S pp.1219–1228 Download
David Zapletal
Human capital of unsuccessful students in Russia as a problem of university management D pp.1229–1238 Download
Garold Zborovsky, Polina Ambarova
Do Temporary Price Reductions contribute to the development of retailers’ shoppers’ loyalty? P pp.1239–1247 Download
Stephanie Zouhar