The 6th International Days of Statistics and Economics
Conference Proceedings
September 13–15, 2012
Prague, Czech Republic
ISBN 978-80-86175-86-7
Faculty of Business Economics with seat in Košice ESC Rennes School of Business

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  • M - Management
  • S - Statistics
  • E - Economics
  • D - Demography

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The Evolution in the EU Strategy of Active Policy Employment – The Czech Republic Case E pp.1-10 Download
Petr Adámek, Jiří Dobrylovský
The Consumers Perception Regarding the Retail Chain Expansion in Romania. Case study: North-West Region - Romania M pp.11-20 Download
Catana Adina
Understanding and Managing Program for alignment with Business Strategy M pp.21-31 Download
Maroane Aouni, Jean-Michel Viola
From Clusters to Competitiveness Clusters in Romanian Economy M pp.32-42 Download
Nicoleta Asalos
Population Ageing in Romania: Facts and Analysis D pp.43-50 Download
Laura Asandului
Estimating the Missing Values in Analysis of Variance Tables by a Flexible Adaptive Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Regression Models S pp.51-61 Download
Ali Azadeh, Zahra Saberi, Hamidreza Behrouznia, Farzad Radmehr, Peiman Pazhoheshfar
Banks and SMEs: Empirical Quantitative Approach on Banks Behaviour as Lenders to Small Businesses during Crisis Times E pp.62-71 Download
Daniel Badulescu, Ramona Simut
Modelling of the Risk of Monetary Poverty in the Czech Regions S pp.72-80 Download
Jitka Bartošová, Marie Forbelská
Developing the Open Innovation Manager: Capabilities and Skills to Foster Practices in Open Innovation Teams M pp.81 -92 Download
Christine Béatrix
The Impact of the Selected Socioeconomic Factors on the International Migration in EU D pp.93 -103 Download
Jana Bednáriková, Beáta Stehlíková
Performance Management and HR Strategies: The Public Sector in Malaysia D pp.104-112 Download
Loo-See Beh
A Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Simulation Approach for Improvement of Natural Gas Price Forecasting in Industrial Sectors with Vague Indicators S pp.113-123 Download
Alireza Behrooznia, Ali Azadeh, Habibollah Javanmard, Zahra Saberi, Peiman Pazhoheshfar
Knowledge Management and Ethics from the Business Point of View M pp.124-136 Download
Andrea Bencsik, Renáta Machová
Demand For Education Under Signalling E pp.137-149 Download
Vitezslav Bican
Local Indebtedness – a Viable Option for Romania to Overcome the Crisis? E pp.150-161 Download
Irina Bilan, Florin Oprea, Elena Cigu
Development of Wage Distribution of the Czech Republic in Recent Years by Highest Education Attainment and Forecasts for 2011 and 2012 S pp.162-182 Download
Diana Bílková
International Registration of IP Rights and Innovation Management in a Globalised World M pp.183-191 Download
Petruta Blaga, Mihaela Daciana Bolos
The Decisions on the Optimal Portfolio under the CAPM and Risk Measurement M pp.192-202 Download
Mária Bohdalová, Michal Greguš
Financial Contagion and Financial Statements Disclosure Risks M pp.203-211 Download
Bradut-Vasile Bolos
Nation Brand and Intellectual Property in the Context of Globalization M pp.212-219 Download
Mihaela Daciana Bolos
The Last Development of the Economy of the Visegrad Four E pp.220-227 Download
Lubomíra Breňová
Asymmetric information in New Public Management E pp.228-238 Download
Olga Březinová
Pronatalist Policy Impact on Romanian Procreative Behaviour throughout the 20th Century D pp.239-248 Download
Raluca Dana Caplescu, Constanta Mihaescu
An Application of Discrete Mathematical Model in Economics S pp.249-256 Download
Jan Coufal
Unemployment Duration in the Czech Republic S pp.257-267 Download
Adam Čabla
National View of Bankruptcy Models M pp.268-278 Download
Dagmar Čámská
Factors Influencing Biofuel Purchase Intention M pp.279-286 Download
Irena Descubes
The Evolution of China’s Foreign Direct Investments Inflows and Outflows since the Beginning of the XXIst Century E pp.287-297 Download
Laura Diaconu (Maxim)
The Basis of the Discovery Process for a New Pharmaceutical Product M pp.298-315 Download
Veselin Dickov
Human Capital – Main Competitive Advantage in the Creative Economy and in the Knowledge-based Society.Assessment Model of the Nations’ Human Capital – the Case of the EU Countries D pp.316-326 Download
Laura Maria Dindire
The Span of R&D Collaborative Networking and Innovations: Towards a Conditional Framework M pp.327-338 Download
Viatcheslav Dmitriev, Yann Truong, Frank McDonald, Graham Winch
Statistical Risk and the Management Decision M pp.339-349 Download
Irina-Maria Dragan
Social Dialogue and Czech Local and Regional Government in an Era of Austerity M pp.350-360 Download
Zuzana Dvořáková
Women as a Factor of Development in the 21st Century? E pp.361-371 Download
Zuzana Džbánková, Pavel Sirůček
Worst-Case Scenarios Optimization as a Financial Stress Testing Tool for Risk Management M pp.372-383 Download
Mohamed El Ghourabi, Mourad Landolsi, Amira Dridi, Imed Gamoudi
Future Development of the Education Level of the Population of Czech Regions D pp.384-394 Download
Tomáš Fiala, Jitka Langhamrová, Martina Miskolczi
A “New” Non-parametrical Statistics Instrument: Friedman test. Theoretical Considerations and Particularities for Marketing Data S pp.395-403 Download
Manuela Rozalia Gabor
Social Capital, Guanxi and Organisational Citizenship Behaviours: The Impacts of Gender D pp.404-415 Download
Simon S. Gao
Automatic Fiscal Stabilizers vs. Discretionary Fiscal Policy: Challenges and Policy Options E pp.416-424 Download
Mihaela Göndör
Two-Sample Density-Based Empirical Likelihood Tests For Stochastically Ordered Alternatives S pp.425-435 Download
Gregory Gurevich
Counter-cyclical Labour Market Policy and the Latest Recession in the Visegrad Group E pp.436-450 Download
Helena Horská, Stanislav Šaroch
Decision Problem Analysis by Using KT® Problem Solving and Decision Making Methodology M pp.451-459 Download
Helena Hrůzová
Usage of Management Systems in the Czech Republic M pp.460-469 Download
Jaroslava Hyršlová
The Vulnerable Groups on the Czech Labour Market: Trends, Actual State and Influence of Economic Policies E pp.470-480 Download
Pavel Janíčko
Practical Approach to Ethics in Czech SMES: Learning from Experiences of other Countries M pp.481-491 Download
Irena Jindřichovská, Gabriele Meissner
Diffusion of Innovation through Social Networks: Example of Social Innovations M pp.492-506 Download
Irena Jindřichovská, Irina Purcarea
Art as Viable Investment Tool E pp.507-518 Download
Daiva Jurevičienė, Jekaterina Savičenko
Nonlinear Trend Modeling in the Analysis of Categorical Data S pp.519-529 Download
Jan Kalina
Regular Parametric Surfaces in R³ S pp.530-542 Download
Miloš Kaňka
Application of Cartan´s Moving Frame Method S pp.543-553 Download
Miloš Kaňka
Geometrical Description of one Surface in Economy E pp.554-566 Download
Eva Kaňková
Tradeoff between Inflation and Unemployment in Turkey E pp.567-577 Download
Özcan Karahan, Olcay Çolak, Ömer Faruk Bölükbaşı
Statistical Modeling of Annual Monthly Maximum Rainfall in Upper Northern Region of Thailand S pp.578-585 Download
Manad Khamkong
Finding Common Ground for Alignment of Supply Chain Paradigms M pp.586-593 Download
Khan Rai Waqas Azfar
Lessons Learned on Key Entrepreneurial Competencies and the Labour Market Requirements D pp.594-604 Download
Gabriela Koľveková
A Class of Estimators of Population Variance in Stratified Random Sampling S pp.605-613 Download
Nursel Koyuncu
Economic Science as a Subject of Education at the Universities in the Czech Countries till 1948 E pp.614-621 Download
Jaroslav Krameš
The Gold Market E pp.622-633 Download
Nikolay Kulbakov
The Influence of Decentralization on the Economic Development Gap between Regions E pp.634-645 Download
Šárka Laboutková, Pavla Bednářová, Aleš Kocourek
Expectations and Realities of Brain Drain from Georgia D pp.646-656 Download
Zurab Laliashvili
Income of Slovak Population and their Regional Differences E pp.657-667 Download
Erika Ľapinová
Developing a New Integrated Collaborative Strategic Management Accounting (SMA) Framework for the 21st Century - an Exploratory Modeling M pp.668-679 Download
Linda Lo
The Influence of Sunk Costs in Supplier-Customer Relationships with Large Retailers M pp.680-688 Download
Alexander Lochman
Disparities between Regions of the Czech Republic for Non-business Aspects of Labour Market S pp.689-702 Download
Tomáš Löster, Jana Langhamrová
Between Two Crisis - Their and Ours E pp.703-711 Download
Sacalean Lucian, Bradut-Vasile Bolos
Demographic Power - psychological Effects of the Crisis among Imigrants- Romanians in Spain D pp.712-722 Download
Sacalean Lucian
Irregular Working Hours in the Czech T&A Industry E pp.723-733 Download
Petr Makovský
Estimation of Parameters in Finite Mixtures from Censored Data S pp.734-744 Download
Ivana Malá
The Analysis of the Theories about the Connection between Economic Growth and Pollution. Econometric Testing of Kuznets Curve for Romania E pp.745-755 Download
Simut Ramona Marinela, Diana Claudia Perticas
Relearning from what we should know M pp.756-765 Download
Felipe Martinez
Are Europeans Living Longer and Healthier Lives? D pp.766-775 Download
Silvia Megyesiová, Vanda Lieskovská
Ageing and the Financial Behaviour of Elderly People in Romania D pp.776-784 Download
Constanta Mihaescu, Ileana Niculescu-Aron
Analysis of the Nonlinear Statistical Analysis Methodology Applicability on Modeling the Correlation among Global Macroeconomic Parameters S pp.785-793 Download
Ivan Mihajlovic, Zivan Zivkovic, Branko Banovic
The efficiency matrix as tool for efficiency evaluation of farms in V4 countries E pp.794-803 Download
Jana Miklovičová, Silvia Miklovičová
An Optimum Credit Lending Decision M pp.804-814 Download
Monireh Sadat Mirtalaei, Peiman Pazhoheshfar, Emad Roghanian, Morteza Saberi, Zahra Saberi
Statistical Analysis of Infopromotional Texts Translations S pp.815-822 Download
Ladislav Mura, Ľuboš Török
Statistical Methods for the Detection of Infectious Foodborne Diseases S pp.823-833 Download
Ladislav Mura, Lucia Zeleňáková, Jana Žiarovská, Ľuboš Török , Martin Boďa
Changes in the Innovation Performance of the CR and Development in the High-tech Sector E pp.834-846 Download
Marta Nečadová, Hana Scholleová
Analysis of Saving Behavior in Romania, based on the “Financial Situation of the Romanian Households” Survey E pp.847-857 Download
Ileana Gabriela Niculescu-Aron
A New Model of Economic Growth and Development of Republic of Serbia E pp.858-872 Download
Radmilo Nikolic, Aleksandra Fedajev, Dejan Riznic
A Mathematical Property of the Harmonic Mean S pp.873-877 Download
Mohamed Sadeg Zayed Ogbi
Gender Diversity in Romanian Entrepreneurship – A Qualitative Approach M pp.878-889 Download
Angela On, Daniela Stefanescu
Determining the Development and Sustainability of Online Communities E pp.890-902 Download
Adrian Palmer, Sarah Hudson, Qunying Huo
The Minimum Wage in the Czech Republic – The Instrument for Motivation to Work? E pp.903-911 Download
Tomáš Pavelka
Bio-socio-economic Advantages of Using Renewable Resources for Energy Production E pp.912-922 Download
Diana Claudia Perticas, Florea Adrian Gheorghe
Community-based Brand Equity and its Relationship with Market Performance: A new Product Perspective M pp.923-933 Download
Pradeep Kumar Ponnamma Divakaran, Laurence Fort-Rioche
The Analysis of the Social Capital in the Context of the Democratic Changes from the Central and Eastern Europe E pp.934-943 Download
Cristian C. Popescu
Risk Spillover Effects in the Czech Financial Market E pp.944-953 Download
Vít Pošta
First Results of the Counterfactual Impact Evaluation of ESF Assistance in the Czech Republic E pp.954-962 Download
Oto Potluka, Jan Brůha, Ondřej Vozár, Martin Špaček, Jakub Loun, Robert Polakovič
Studying the Impact of Converging Technologies on the Product Development Process: a Case Study of a Start-up Company at the Drug-device Interface M pp.963-972 Download
Florent Rortais
Probability Distributions in Lottery Games S pp.973-979 Download
Jiří Rozkovec
Is There a Cointegration Relationship between Energy Consumption and GDP in Iran? E pp.980-991 Download
Aliasghar Sadeghimojarad, Sina Mehrabirad
Factors Influencing Decision Making of Foreign Tourist in Selecting Services from Travel Agents in Bangkok S pp.992-1001 Download
Kamol Sanittham, Winayaporn Bhrammanachote
Exploration of Geographical Scope: The Cluster of Grenoble M pp.1002-1012 Download
Laurent Scaringella
Employment Protection Legislation and Atypical Employment E pp.1013-1021 Download
Andreea Claudia Serban
Key Factors Behind the European Debt Crisis E pp.1022-1031 Download
Juraj Sipko
Analysis of Income Inequality of Employees in the Slovak Republic S pp.1032-1042 Download
Ľubica Sipková, Juraj Sipko
The Accuracy of Macroeconomic Forecasts in Years 2006 - 2011 E pp.1043-1053 Download
Jindřich Soukup
Statistical View of the Curent Situation of Beekeeping in the Czech Republic D pp.1054-1062 Download
Ondřej Šimpach
Stage Gate Control Process and Its Creative Adaptation to the Management of Innovations In Generic Pharmaceutical Business M pp.1063-1072 Download
Miroslav Špaček
Copy-paste Strategy – the Best Solution for Public Services Delivery? E pp.1073-1089 Download
Markéta Šumpíková, Juraj Nemec, Martina Petrová, Beáta Meričková Mikušová
A Multi-criteria Evaluation of Alternatives under Risk M pp.1090-1100 Download
Lenka Švecová, Jiří Fotr, Lucie Vrbová
Modelling Income Distribution in Slovakia S pp.1101-1110 Download
Alena Tartaľová
Selected Problems of the International Entrepreneurship in the Context of Internationalization M pp.1111-1119 Download
Zsuzsanna Tóth
International Trade in Logistic Services in CEFTA 2006 Countries E pp.1120-1131 Download
Aleksandar Trajkov, Jovanka Biljan
Modern Challenges in State Regulation of Higher Education Sector in Kazakhstan E pp.1132-1142 Download
Spartak Tulegenov, Libuše Macáková
Modeling of Individual Insured Accident Risk for Given Motor-hull Insurance Portfolio S pp.1143-1151 Download
Jiří Valecký
The Global Economic Crisis and the Challenges to Consumer and Organizational Loyalty M pp.1152-1162 Download
Katarína Véghová
Research ot the Slovak Meat Industry and the Company Strategy E pp.1163-1177 Download
Katarína Véghová
Towards an Organizational Exploration of Technological Resources Portfolio: A Technicolor History M pp.1178-1187 Download
Jean-Michel Viola, Jean-Philippe Timsit, Desislava Yankova
Path Dependence of Corruption in the Czech Republic E pp.1188-1198 Download
Jolana Volejníková
Branches Productivity in the Crisis Period E pp.1199-1209 Download
Tomas Volek, Martina Novotná
Relativity Problem in Decision Making M pp.1210-1217 Download
Lucie Vrbová, Lenka Švecová
Employment of Persons 55+ D pp.1218-1227 Download
Irena Wagnerová
Spatial Aspects of Poverty in Slovakia S pp.1228-1235 Download
Tomáš Želinský, Iveta Stankovičová