International Days of Statistics and Economics
Conference Proceedings
September 22-23, 2011
Prague, Czech Republic
ISBN 978-80-86175-77-5
Faculty of Business Economics with seat in Košice ESC Rennes School of Business

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  • M - Management
  • S - Statistics
  • E - Economics
  • D - Demography

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Adjustment of the Pension System in Slovakia E pp.1-8 Download
Marek Andrejkovič, Zuzana Hajduová, Matej Hudák
Global Integrity Indicators in the Czech Republic E pp.9-20 Download
Anna Bajzíková, Milan Žák
Quantitative study of monetary poverty in the Czech Republic and Slovakia S pp.21-28 Download
Jitka Bartošová, Marie Forbelská
Non-flexible prices in the czech language market E pp.29-39 Download
Vitezslav Bican
Modelling of Income and Wage Distribution Using the Method of L-Moments of Parameter Estimation S pp.40-50 Download
Diana Bílková
Modelling Income Distribution in the Czech Republic with a Special Focus on Income Distribution of Professionals in Informatics S pp.51-60 Download
Diana Bílková, Ivana Malá
PCA Factor Model for Forward EURO Exposure M pp.61-71 Download
Mária Bohdalová, Michal Greguš
Czech Business Environment: Burden or Prosperity? E pp.72-81 Download
Pavla Břečková, Alena Vlacihova
The Impact of Age Determined Needs on Demand E pp.82-91 Download
Olga Březinová
Managing Organizational Legitimacy of Public Private Joint Ventures – A Case Study M pp.92-104 Download
Cyrlene Claasen
Peaks Over Threshold in Modeling of the Czech Household Income Distribution S pp.105-114 Download
Adam Čabla
Public Debt in Light of Barro-Ricardo Hypothesis: Empirical Analysis E pp.115-126 Download
Jan Čadil, Jindřich Čadík
Quantitative Population Analysis as the Factor of the Qualitative Evolution of the Higher Education D pp.127-135 Download
Monika Čonková, Cyril Závadský
The Diffusion of High-Tech Social Innovations Among Senior Consumers M pp.136-144 Download
Irena Descubes, Yann Truong
The Consequences of Immigration on the Labor Market in the Czech Republic E pp.145-150 Download
Jiří Dobrylovský, Petr Adámek
Corporate Social Responsibility – Global Business Strategy M pp.151-158 Download
Zuzana Džbánková
Personal knowledge management: PIMS/IIS/UGIS, A research in progress M pp.159-169 Download
Mark Gregory, Irena Descubes
Mark-to-Market Rule: Can Fair Value Accounting Be Fair During a Financial Crisis? E pp.170-185 Download
Petr Hájek
Economic Consequences of EU Funds in the Czech Republic - Bonanza or Money Hole? E pp.186-193 Download
Helena Horská
Exploring Impacts of Economic Crisis on Project Management in the Czech Republic M pp.194-204 Download
Helena Hrůzová
Historiographical Discourse on the First Czechoslovak Economic Reform E pp.205-214 Download
Drahomír Jančík, Eduard Kubů
Globalisation, Competition and Innovation - Recent Development M pp.215-227 Download
Irena Jindrichovska
On Heteroscedasticity in Robust Regression S pp.228-237 Download
Jan Kalina
Mathematical Studies of some Examples of Production Functions S pp.238-247 Download
Miloš Kaňka, Eva Kaňková
Some Functions in Economy from Mathematical Point of View S pp.248-258 Download
Miloš Kaňka, Eva Kaňková
Geometry of one Special Type of Surfaces in R³ S pp.259-265 Download
Miloš Kaňka, Eva Kaňková
Calculation of LTPD Single Sampling Plans for Inspection by Variables and its Software Implementation S pp.266-276 Download
Nikola Kaspříková, Jindřich Klůfa
Definition of the Term Teleological School in the Czech Economic Thinking E pp.277-285 Download
Jaroslav Krameš
Analysis of the Distribution of Income in Recent Years in the Czech Republic by Region S pp.286-297 Download
Jana Langhamrová, Diana Bílková
Life Expectancy Trends in CR and EU D pp.298-306 Download
Jitka Langhamrová, Martina Miskolczi, Jana Langhamrová
Analysis of Long-term Unemployment in the Czech Republic E pp.307-316 Download
Tomáš Löster, Jana Langhamrová
Addressing Distributional Assumptions in Discrete Choice Modelling of Travel Behaviour S pp.317-324 Download
Vojtěch Máca, Jan Melichar
Czech Active Immigration Policy E pp.325-332 Download
Libuše Macáková
The Minimum Wage - The Question of Differentiation E pp.333-347 Download
Petr Makovský
The Use of Finite Mixtures of Lognormal Distributions in the Modelling of Incomes of the Czech Households S pp.348-358 Download
Ivana Malá
Capturing the Unknown Information - Research on SMEs M pp.359-367 Download
Felipe Martinez, Ivana Svobodova
Stochastic Models of the Technological Ideas Flow as a Foundation of the Production Function E pp.368-380 Download
Andrei Matveenko
Recent Population Change in Europe D pp.381-389 Download
Silvia Megyesiová, Vanda Lieskovská
Truncation, Overdispersion and Endogenous Stratification in the Recreation Demand Models S pp.390-402 Download
Jan Melichar
Return to Ricardo or to the „Gold Standard“ E pp.403-406 Download
Michal Mirvald
Unemployment and GDP E pp.407-415 Download
Martina Miskolczi, Jitka Langhamrová, Tomáš Fiala
Analysis of Dependency Ratios in European Countries D pp.416-424 Download
Martina Miskolczi, Jitka Langhamrová, Jana Langhamrová
Statistical Analysis of Changing of Consumption Habits in Chosen Country after Going to the EU S pp.425-439 Download
Ladislav Mura
Position of the Czech Republic in Competitiveness Rankings E pp.440-450 Download
Marta Nečadová, Hana Scholleová
The Use of the Lognormal Distribution in Analyzing Incomes S pp.451-463 Download
Jakub Nedvěd
Critical Mass as an Antecedent to Stability in Online Communities E pp.464-480 Download
Adrian Palmer, Sarah Hudson, Qunying Huo
Long-term Unemployment in the Czech Republic in Comparison with the other Countries of the European Union E pp.481-489 Download
Tomáš Pavelka
Hansen-Jagannathan Bounds and Equity Premium Puzzle: A Case of the Czech Capital Market E pp.490-501 Download
Vít Pošta
Use of Counterfactual Impact Evaluation in Management of Public Expenditure Programmes E pp.502-512 Download
Oto Potluka, Jan Brůha
Efficiency of the Sustainability by using Ecological Footprint S pp.513-522 Download
Renáta Prokeinová, Martina Hanova
Data Dimensionality Reduction Methods for Ordinal Data S pp.523-533 Download
Martin Prokop, Hana Řezanková
Electricity System Optimization: a Case of the Czech Electricity System – Application of Model MESSAGE S pp.534-542 Download
Lukáš Rečka
Emission Shadow Price Estimation Based on Distance Function: a Case of the Czech Energy Industry E pp.543-554 Download
Lukáš Rečka, Milan Ščasný
Passenger Car Ownership in the Czech Republic E pp.555-570 Download
Milan Ščasný, Jan Urban
New Economy in the Czech Republic and Germany: Comparison E pp.571-580 Download
Jindřich Soukup
The Corruption and the Economic Performance E pp.581-590 Download
Jana Soukupová
Analysis of Innovation Processes in Slovakia 2006-2008 S pp.591-605 Download
Iveta Stankovičová
Determinants of Employee Performance: How to Achieve Sustained Competitive Advantage D pp.606-614 Download
Martin Šikýř
The Optimization of a Project Portfolio Development under Risk M pp.615-624 Download
Lenka Švecová, Jiří Fotr
Housing Price Changes, General Equilibrium and Welfare E pp.625-638 Download
Ashot Tsharakyan, Martin janíčko
Group Decision Making in Risky Environment - Analysis of Gender Bias E pp.639-648 Download
Andrea Vasiľková, Matúš Kubák, Vladimír Gazda, Marek Gróf
Unemployment, Downsizing and Outplacement During Economic Crisis E pp.649-659 Download
Irena Wagnerová