The 8th International Days of Statistics and Economics
Conference Proceedings
September 11–13, 2014
Prague, Czech Republic
ISBN 978-80-87990-02-5
Faculty of Business Economics with seat in Košice ESC Rennes School of Business

Table of Contents

Abbreviations of section names in the 'Section' column:

  • M - Management
  • S - Statistics
  • E - Economics
  • D - Demography
  • Y - Young statisticians and demographers

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Competitiveness of the Tourism Destination in the Global Economy M pp.1-10 Download
Josef Abrhám
Use of statistical methods in Six Sigma projects M pp.11-20 Download
Marek Andrejkovič, Stela Beslerová, Zuzana Hajduová
The influence of economic cycle on suicide and homicide in the Czech Republic D pp.21-31 Download
Michaela Antovová, Simona Fučíková, Ladislav Průša
Life expectancy in the Czech Republic from the viewpoint of time series D pp.32-42 Download
Markéta Arltová, Jana Langhamrová
Looking for better financing: a quantitative approach on collateral importance in SMEs relationship lending E pp.43-52 Download
Daniel Badulescu, Ramona Simut
Employees’ parental labor stimulation in Russian companies: socioeconomic view D pp.53-62 Download
Anna Bagirova, Oksana Shubat, Valentina Dorman
Gold price forecasting using grey model GM(1,1) and selected classical time series models. A comparison of methods S pp.63-73 Download
Stanislaw Barczak
Factors influencing the ability of European households to manage with the financial resources S pp.74-83 Download
Jitka Bartosova, Banka Bartova
Stock market co-movements in Central and Eastern Europe E pp.84-93 Download
Eduard Baumohl, Stefan Lyocsa
Return on equity and company characteristics: an empirical study of industries in Latvia E pp.94-103 Download
Irina Berzkalne, Elvira Zelgalve
Traditional Gravity Model of International Trade in Art S pp.104-113 Download
Joanna Bialynicka-Birula
Wages and Salaries of Czechs and Slovaks after Ten Years Since the Split of Czechoslovakia S pp.114-129 Download
Diana Bílková
High-breakdown Robust Regression in Analysis of Internet Usage in European Countries Households S pp.130-139 Download
Dagmar Blatná
Modelling Pairs of European stock indices with Copulas M pp.140-150 Download
Maria Bohdalová, Michal Greguš
Modeling of time series cyclical component on a defined set of stationary points and its application on the U.S. business cycle S pp.151-160 Download
Ilya Bolotov
New Approaches to Efficiency Estimation in Strategic Planning M pp.161-170 Download
Julia Boyko, Vladimir Sekerin , Jana Šafránková
Meta-analysis of advantages and concerns of cloud computing in small companies S pp.171-179 Download
Edgars Brekis, Kristine Rozite, Rita Zuka
The Comparison of Economic Indicators and Happy Planet Index in Selected Countries E pp.180-188 Download
Lubomíra Breňová
Management of the risk as the companies' strategic challenge M pp.189-198 Download
Katarzyna Brożek
Performance of the Public Sector's Internal Audit in the Baltic States M pp.199-209 Download
Inta Bruna
Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Transfer: the Case for Project Management M pp.210-218 Download
Richard Brunet-Thornton, Helena Hrůzová
Foreign Direct Investment Inflows and Effects in the Czech Economy in the Light of Economic Crisis E pp.219-228 Download
Olga Březinová
Confronting Cultural Barriers to Knowledge Management Using a Distinctive Czech Cultural Model M pp.229-240 Download
Vladimír Bureš, Richard Brunet-Thornton
Predicting undergraduate onsite student withdrawals based on enrolment, progress, and online student data S pp.241-250 Download
Sviatlana Burova, Denny Meyer, Wendy Doubé, Pragalathan Apputhurai
The impacts of financial crisis on interest rate models S pp.251-261 Download
Dana Cíchová Králová
Pedagogical techniques for increasing motivation in learning statistics. Case study for a Romanian University S pp.262-272 Download
Smaranda Cimpoeru
Starting Point for the Calculus of Variations S pp.273-283 Download
Jan Coufal
Health and economic status of the population of the Czech Republic in the last 20 years D pp.284-296 Download
Kornélia Cséfalvaiová, Elena Makhalova, Michaela Antovová
Factors Influencing Demand for Reinsurance M pp.297-307 Download
Marijana Ćurak, Maja Pervan, Tomislava Pavić Kramarić
Human Capital, R&D and growth - some empirical findings D pp.308-315 Download
Jan Čadil, Ludmila Petkovová
Requirements for models predicting corporate financial distress M pp.316-323 Download
Dagmar Čámská
Eco-citizen Social Entreprise Governance by Emotional Management: The Case of Feuille d’Erable M pp.324-333 Download
Irena Descubes, Tom McNamara
MCDM Methods in Practice: Determining Importance of PESTEL Analysis Criteria E pp.334-344 Download
Iveta Dočkalíková, Kateřina Kashi
The analysis of evolution of mortality in the Czech population from the perspective of life expectancy, median length of life and modal age at death D pp.345-351 Download
Petra Dotlačilová
Problems in the euro zone: does the euro zone comply with the optimum currency area criteria? E pp.352-363 Download
Margarita Dunska
CSR strategies and practices: the case of the Czech Republic D pp.364-373 Download
Zuzana Dvorakova
Application of Agent-Based Supply Chain Modelling in Intralogistics System Design and Optimisation M pp.374-384 Download
Jakub Dyntar
The food security in conditions of the Slovak Republic E pp.385-394 Download
Jana Dzuričková
Evaluation of the Organizational Influence on Physical and Psychosocial Health at Work D pp.395-404 Download
Alena Fedorova, Iurii Vishnevskii , Zuzana Dvorakova
Estimation of the number of descendants of pensioners of the given year of births D pp.405-413 Download
Tomas Fiala, Martina Miskolczi
Active Ageing and Human Capital D pp.414-423 Download
Simona Fučíková, Kornélia Cséfalvaiová
Measurement of technical efficiency in selected university hospital S pp.424-433 Download
Zuzana Hajduova, Zuzana Hajduová, Roman Lacko
Product mix decisions with respect to TOC and linear programming M pp.434-444 Download
Jiří Hájek
Analysis of investment in infrastructure and other selected determinants influence to unemployment in CR regions E pp.445-455 Download
Pavlína Hálová, Jiří Alina
On Comparing Various Modelling Schemes: The Case of the Prague Stock Exchange Index S pp.456-465 Download
Radek Hendrych
Foreign direct investment – the changing picture E pp.466-476 Download
Bronislava Hořejší
The Question of Representativeness of the Sample Selected from the Specifically Defined Population S pp.477-484 Download
Vladimíra Hovorková Valentová, Kateřina Gurinová
Macroeconomic and defence policy of the Czech economy during 2009-2013 E pp.485-496 Download
Vendula Hynková
Sustainability Reporting – a Review of Trends and Situation in CR M pp.497-506 Download
Jaroslava Hyršlová, Miroslav Špaček
A vector method for measurement of work motivation D pp.507-514 Download
Dmitry Ivanov, Vladimir Polovinko
Some aspects concerning the working poors issue and poverty in the Czech Republic during the crisis period (2008-2012) E pp.515-527 Download
Pavel Janíčko
Managerial Impacts of Different Computation Models for Customer Lifetime Value for an E-commerce Company M pp.528-540 Download
Pavel Jašek, Lenka Vraná
MTPL insurance system sufficiency to cover compensations for pain and suffering E pp.541-551 Download
Anna Jedrzychowska, Ewa Poprawska
Innovative Management of Local Municipalities Using Methodology for Evaluation and Improvement of Subjective Well-being: Salaspils (Latvia) Case M pp.552-561 Download
Inga Jēkabsone, Biruta Sloka
Ethics, Morality and Corporate Social Responsibility M pp.562-570 Download
Irena Jindřichovská, Šárka Kocmanová
Competitiveness of the region and its possible influence on location decision-making process M pp.571-579 Download
Eliška Jirásková
Review of Service Innovation in Czech Companies M pp.580-587 Download
Katerina Jirinova, Michal Andera, Karel Kolis
Highly robust estimation of the autocorrelation coefficient S pp.588-597 Download
Jan Kalina, Katarína Vlčková
An Experimental Study for Transforming and Differencing Effects in Multiplicative Neuron Model Artificial Neural Network for Time Series Forecasting S pp.598-607 Download
Elif Karaahmetoglu, Ozge Gundogdu, Ali Zafer Dalar, Damla Ilter
The Effect of Policy Interest Rate Within the Framework of the Turkish Inflation Targeting E pp.608-618 Download
Özcan Karahan
Gibbs sampler Y pp.619-629 Download
Tomáš Karel, Dagmar Blatna
Using metaheuristic for data analysis problem solving S pp.630-636 Download
Nikola Kaspříková
Tax Policy in the Conditions of Changing Economy: New Challenges after Crisis E pp.637-647 Download
Lūcija Kavale
The new institutional economics within the present economic paradigm: a brief review E pp.648-655 Download
Daria Kazakova
Consumption differences of the organic products in various market segments: Lithuanian case study E pp.656-667 Download
Egle Kazlauskiene, Eglė Kazlauskienė, Miglė Černikovaitė, Aurelija Končiūtė
Indicators measuring the level and development of enterprise productivity M pp.668-677 Download
Jiří Klečka
Economic Efficiency of the AOQL Plans by Variables when the Remainder of Rejected Lots is Inspected S pp.678-686 Download
Jindřich Klůfa
The labour market in the Czech Republic after accession to the European Union E pp.687-697 Download
Radka Knězáčková, Jolana Volejníková
Banking sector as mirror of economic development – clustering euro area E pp.698-708 Download
Pavel Knotek
Working Capital Management in Czech SMEs: Introduction M pp.709-717 Download
Sarka Kocmanova, Dana Kubickova, Irena Jindrichovska
Trends in the Polish banking system's liquidity risk measured by Basel III standards E pp.718-731 Download
Błażej Kochański
Application of Hyperbolic Discounting Model to Czech Household Saving Behavior E pp.732-742 Download
Darya Korlyakova, Bronislava Horejsi
The Hawkes Process and Time-varying Jump Intensity in Financial Time Series S pp.743-754 Download
Maciej Kostrzewski
The Application of the Bankruptcy Models in the Conditions of Selected Companies E pp.755-765 Download
Jaroslav Kovárník, Eva Hamplová
An application of cluster analysis on the Polish housing market S pp.766-775 Download
Patrycja Kowalczyk-Rólczyńska
Czech national economy revival in the work of Albín Bráf and in literature of his pupils E pp.776-784 Download
Jaroslav Krameš
Globalization and Cultural Differences in Financial Reporting M pp.785-794 Download
Dana Kubíčková, Irena Jindřichovská, Šárka Kocmanová
Segmentation of the EU using leading indicators E pp.795-806 Download
Nikolay Kulbakov
The use of decomposition methods for the evaluation of the development of mortality in the Czech Republic in 1920-2012 D pp.807-816 Download
Jana Langhamrová
The level of corporate social responsibility development (in the Omsk region) M pp.817-825 Download
Tatiana Lapina, Oksana Borodina, Tatiana Stuken
Labou flexibilization in Slovakia – demand for flexibilization and its determinants E pp.826-840 Download
Erika Lapinova
Management diversity D pp.841-850 Download
Kateřina Legnerová, Jana Fučíková
Marketing Audit as an Alternative to Improve The Position of Health-Care Facilities M pp.851-857 Download
Vanda Lieskovská, Silvia Megyesiová, Diana Horvatova
The Evaluation of CHF coefficient in determining the number of clusters using Euclidean distance measure S pp.858-869 Download
Tomáš Löster
Dismissal threat: positive and negative effects on human resources development D pp.870-878 Download
Marina Ludanik, Anna Orlova
Development of entrepreneurial attitudes and entrepreneurial activity of youths in the Czech republic D pp.879-887 Download
Martin Lukeš, Jan Zouhar
Mean-Variance Coexceedance Networks: Preliminary Results for CEE Stock Markets S pp.888-898 Download
Štefan Lyócsa, Tomáš Výrost
Health care of foreigners as the factor effecting the integration of immigrants in the Czech Republic E pp.899-907 Download
Libuše Macáková
How Does Tax Uncertainty Influence Economic Growth? E pp.908-919 Download
Rudolf Macek, Igor Kotlán, Zuzana Machová
The impact of competition and segmentation of demand on the market of hotel services in Prague in 2009-2012 E pp.920-932 Download
Jan Máče
Equal Opportunities - Value or Illusion? D pp.933-945 Download
Renáta Machová, Andrea Bencsik, Zsuzsanna Tóth
Value Added - financial and real sector dependency E pp.946-955 Download
Petr Makovský
A multivariate mixture model for incomes of the Czech households in 2006-2010 S pp.956-964 Download
Ivana Malá
Role of Risk Management in Corporate Governance (Case of the Czech Republic) M pp.965-973 Download
Milan Maly, Ales Kubicek
Consequences of Assumption Violations Regarding One-Way ANOVA S pp.974-985 Download
Tomáš Marcinko
Outliers in time series S pp.986-996 Download
Luboš Marek
Labor conflicts in Russia: nature, types, reasons and consequences D pp.997-1005 Download
Artamonova Marina
Trademarks, trade names and brands as a measure of local, regional and global competition M pp.1006-1015 Download
Nikolajus Markevičius, Askoldas Podviezko
Investment in Training: Productivity and Human Capital Value D pp.1016-1026 Download
Kateřina Maršíková, Eva Šlaichova
What does expansive education policy could cause – discussion above results from last census D pp.1027-1033 Download
Petr Mazouch, Kristýna Vltavská
Rank correlation between health care expenditures and some selected variables of health status S pp.1034-1042 Download
Silvia Megyesiová, Vanda Lieskovská, Mária Grüllingová, Peter Poništ
Impact of economic crisis on the R&D intensity and on position of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the evaluation of innovation performance (IUS) E pp.1043-1053 Download
Marta Nečadová
Efficiency versus economy in public procurement E pp.1054-1063 Download
Juraj Nemec, Marketa Sumpikova, Stanislav Klazar, Matus Grega
The role of clusters in generating breakthrough innovations by enterprises E pp.1064-1073 Download
Małgorzata Niklewicz-Pijaczyńska, Małgorzata Wachowska
Monthly LFS data in the Czech Republic D pp.1074-1082 Download
Ondřej Nývlt
Youth unemployment - problem of the European labor market D pp.1083-1093 Download
Marcela Palíšková
Evolution of Traditional Economic Intuitions for Aboriginal Nations D pp.1094-1105 Download
Svetlana Panikarova
Youth unemployment in the Czech Republic E pp.1106-1114 Download
Tomáš Pavelka
Personal Characteristics as Determinants of Risk Propensity of Business Economics Students - an empirical study M pp.1115-1125 Download
Ivan Pavic, Maja Pervan, Josipa Visic
The determinants of the farmers’ conversion to organic agriculture: Evidence from Czech panel data S pp.1126-1133 Download
Marie Pechrová
Firm financial distress prediction with statistical methods: prediction accuracy improvements based on the financial data restatements M pp.1134-1144 Download
Ivica Pervan, Petra Pavić, Maja Pervan
Youth volunteering: the way to the regional labor market or source of human resources loss? D pp.1145-1153 Download
Maria Pevnaya
A comparative analysis of households expenditure on health in the EU countries E pp.1154-1166 Download
Marlena Piekut, Magdalena Kludacz
Determinants of FDI inflows to Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary in context of integration into European Union E pp.1167-1177 Download
Czesława Pilarska, Grzegorz Wałęga
Cluster potential identification tool supporting the process of related variety discovery E pp.1178-1186 Download
Maciej Piotrowski, Korneliusz Pylak, Michał Thlon
Clustering of regions of the European Union by the labour market structure E pp.1187-1196 Download
Tomáš Pivoňka, Tomáš Löster
Multicriteria Evaluation of Regional Disparities in Visegrad Four E pp.1197-1207 Download
Eva Poledníková
Community-aided brand concept maps: A new approach for eliciting brand association networks M pp.1208-1217 Download
Pradeep Kumar Ponnamma Divakaran
Waste electrical and electronic equipment management in two EU developing countries: Romania and Bulgaria M pp.1218-1229 Download
Maria-Loredana Popescu, Sofia-Elena Colesca, Carmen Nadia Ciocoiu
Economic and statistical methods in evaluation of competitive advantages of regional agrosystems S pp.1230-1239 Download
Galina Poshekhonova, Olga Belova
Leadership as a dominant factor in driving organization to properity L pp.1240-1253 Download
Oto Potluka, Miroslav Spacek
Why should support for innovative processes differ regionally? Are less developed regions so different? M pp.1254-1264 Download
Korneliusz Pylak, Dariusz Majerek
The role of a chosen product attributes in the customer preferences creation E pp.1265-1272 Download
Krzysztof Ratman
Blended and “pure” eLearning concepts in managers’ education M pp.1273-1281 Download
Zoltan Rozsa, Monika Rozsova
The foreign exchange exposure of Baltic non-financial companies: myth or reality? M pp.1282-1292 Download
Ramona Rupeika-Apoga, Roberts Nedovis
Nominal Variable Clustering and its Evaluation S pp.1293-1302 Download
Hana Řezanková
Job Requirements and Professional Competencies of graduates from the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering D pp.1303-1313 Download
Jana Marie Safrankova, Martin Šikýř, Julia Boyko
Net Interest Margin as an Indicator of Bank Asset and Liability Management E pp.1314-1325 Download
Svetlana Saksonova
Structural Breaks in Volatility of Stock Markets M pp.1326-1336 Download
Petr Seda
Seasonal variation in Russian birth rate: statistical estimates and affecting factors D pp.1337-1345 Download
Oksana Shubat, Anna Bagirova
Competitiveness in the European Union E pp.1346-1354 Download
Juraj Sipko
Measurement of Inequality in Slovakia S pp.1355-1365 Download
Lubica Sipkova, Juraj Sipko
Stakeholder power-interest matrix and stakeholder-responsibility matrix in corporate social responsibility M pp.1366-1374 Download
Marie Slabá
An attempt to analyze the relationship between the performance of the economy and certain results of insolvency proceedings in selected countries E pp.1375-1385 Download
Luboš Smrčka, Markéta Arltová, Jiří Hnilica
Specialization in smart growth sectors in regional space of the Visegrad Group countries E pp.1386-1396 Download
Elżbieta Sobczak, Maja Prudzienica
Exit strategies for private equity portfolio companies in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. The case of Poland M pp.1397-1406 Download
Andrzej Sołoma
The Development of the Knowledge Economy in the EU-27 Member States (Years 2007 and 2011) E pp.1407-1418 Download
Jindřich Soukup
The analysis of the Polish shareholders structure in regard to the process of taking over companies E pp.1419-1429 Download
Anna Sroczyńska-Baron
Assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility by Using AHP Method together with Group Decision Making M pp.1430-1440 Download
Štěpánka Staňková
Revision of the concept of measuring material deprivation in the EU S pp.1441-1449 Download
Iveta Stankovicova, Robert Vlacuha, Ludmila Ivancikova
Innovative Approaches Focused on Population Ageing in the Czech Republic D pp.1450-1457 Download
Jakub Stejskal, Jitka Bartošová
Revenue Recognition in Commercial Insurance Companies: Some Evidence from CEE Countries M pp.1458-1467 Download
Jiri Strouhal, Jiřina Bokšová
The Need of Debt Restructuring in the Eurozone – Options and Reality E pp.1468-1476 Download
Stanislav Šaroch
Human Resource Management in the Czech and Slovak Building Industry D pp.1477-1486 Download
Martin Šikýř, Filip Bušina
Regionalization of the Consumer Price Index in the Czech Republic E pp.1487-1496 Download
Jana Šimanová, Ales Kocourek, Jiri Kraft
The impact of remittances on economic situation of European countries D pp.1497-1504 Download
Martina Šimková, Jitka Langhamrová
Detection of Outlier Age-specific Mortality Rates by Principal Component Method in R Software: The Case of Visegrad Four Cluster S pp.1505-1515 Download
Ondřej Šimpach
Ladership and Urabn and Regional development in the Czech Republic L pp.1516-1524 Download
Martin Špaček, Oto Potluka
Tricks and Pitfalls in Open Innovation Management M pp.1525-1535 Download
Miroslav Špaček, Joshua Lajčiak
Similarity Measures for Nominal Variable Clustering S pp.1536-1545 Download
Zdeněk Šulc
Model of Multi-Attribute Evaluation under Risk M pp.1546-1554 Download
Lenka Švecová, Jiří Fotr
The influence of recently created integration structures on foreign trade of Kazakhstan E pp.1555-1564 Download
Spartak Tulegenov, LIbuse Macakova
The Standardization of Marketing Mix Strategy in International Markets Used by the Company Marcegaglia Poland Sp. z o.o. E pp.1565-1573 Download
Jolanta Urbańska
Self-regulation of Advertising - Controversial Impacts of Ethical Codes M pp.1574-1587 Download
Jan Vavrečka, Petr Štěpánek
Knowledge Generation Managing Efficiency at Universities E pp.1588-1597 Download
Maxim Vlasov
Employee development in human resource management D pp.1598-1605 Download
Lucie Vnoučková
Performance Measurement in the Czech Public Sector E pp.1606-1614 Download
Jana Vodáková
Economic efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises in the food industry E pp.1615-1622 Download
Tomáš Volek, Martina Novotná
Czech Business Cycle Chronology E pp.1623-1632 Download
Lenka Vraná
Monte Carlo Simulation of Utility Function Shapes M pp.1633-1642 Download
Lucie Vrbova, Jiří Hájek
Risk modelling of preliminary Small and Medium Enterprise business plan M pp.1643-1653 Download
Renata Walczak
Leverage ratios in the stock selection process on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Analysis between 2001 and 2011 S pp.1654-1663 Download
Tomasz Węgrzyn
Evaluation of volatility of clean energy stock prices in a regime-switching environment M pp.1664-1675 Download
Aneta Włodarczyk, Marcin Zawada
Bootstrapping Correspondence Analysis S pp.1676-1686 Download
Meral Yay, Elif Ozge Ozdamar
J. N. Müllner and the Beginnings of Demographic Statistics in the Czech Lands D pp.1687-1695 Download
Prokop Závodský, Ondřej Šimpach
Influence of the Input Data Aggregation Level on the Quality of Compiled Time Input-Output Tables S pp.1696-1704 Download
Jaroslav Zbranek
Spatial Clusters of Selected Poverty indicators in the European Union S pp.1705-1714 Download
Tomas Zelinsky, Matus Kubak
The difference in present value of retirement pensions for education groups D pp.1715-1721 Download
Pavel Zimmermann, Petr Mazouch, Klára Hulíková Tesárková
The modification of the k-means method for creating non-convex clusters S pp.1722-1730 Download
Marta Žambochová