The 10th International Days of Statistics and Economics
Conference Proceedings
September 8–10, 2016; Prague
Prague, Czech Republic
ISBN 978-80-87990-10-0
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  • M - Management
  • S - Statistics
  • E - Economics
  • D - Demography

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A Simple Model for Calculation of a Natural Rate of Unemployment E pp.1–9 Download
Petr Adámek, Jiří Dobrylovský
Time as an element of students’ human capital D pp.10–18 Download
Polina Ambarova, Garold Zborovsky
Leadership and internal marketing in ensuring sustainable development of project organizations in Russia M pp.19–29 Download
Svetlana Apenko, Gulnara Chernobaeva
Migration intentions of young professionals in Omsk region in the context of labor market relationships D pp.30–39 Download
Anna Arbuz, Dmitry Ivanov
Relation between suicides and selected economic and climatic indicators D pp.40–51 Download
Markéta Arltová, Michaela Antovová
Collateral size in SMEs financing: which factors matter more? E pp.52–61 Download
Daniel Badulescu, Ramona Simut, Florin Filip
Strengths and weaknesses in local public administration in Romania. Preliminary research results M pp.62–71 Download
Alina Badulescu, Lucia Kolozsi, Daniel Badulescu, Calin Lupau
Female University Students’ Views on Parenthood as a Sociocultural Determinant of Birth Rates: Inter-Country Differences D pp.72–81 Download
Anna Bagirova, Oksana Shubat, Saule Abdygapparova, Angelika Karaeva
Application of TOPSIS Method for Analysis of Sustainable Development in European Union Countries S pp.82–92 Download
Adam P. Balcerzak, Michał Bernard Pietrzak
Information culture as a factor in the reproduction of human capital: regional aspect D pp.93–102 Download
Galina Bannykh, Svetlana Kostina
Management accounting information system in public healthcare entities in Poland M pp.103–112 Download
Wioletta Baran
Impact of social transfers on monetary poverty of households D pp.113–122 Download
Jitka Bartošová, Vladislav Bína
A wavelet-based approach to breakpoint detection S pp.123–133 Download
Milan Bašta
Cross-border bank exposure network: a preliminary study S pp.134–143 Download
Eduard Baumöhl, Štefan Lyócsa, Tomáš Výrost
Destination management: theoretical background and present practice M pp.144–153 Download
Helena Becková, Božena Nováková
Challenges of Corporate Risk Management after Global Financial Crisis M pp.154–162 Download
Karina Benetti
The assessment methodology of management's training of public-private partnerships E pp.163–172 Download
Andrey Berezin, Alexander Rodriguez, Natalia Gorodnova, Antonin Sterba
Modification of the Classical L-Moments: TL-Moments S pp.173–194 Download
Diana Bílková
Abenomics and the challenges of the labour market in Japan E pp.195–204 Download
Sebastian Bobowski
Return on Revenue of Manufacturing Enterprises after Amendment of Czech Accounting Legislation M pp.205–214 Download
Jiřina Bokšová, Josef Horák, Monika Randáková, Michal Vejvoda
Project management technologies as a tool for training a new generation of engineers M pp.215–224 Download
Lyudmila Boronina, Lyudmila Bannikova, Aleksandr Baliasov
Crafts’ Attractiveness and Future Entrepreneurship E pp.225–237 Download
Pavla Breckova
Young people attitude to non-titular ethnic groups as a resource to the reproduction of human capital D pp.238–246 Download
Irina Britvina, Galina Savchuk
Analysis of Pearson's linear correlation coefficient with the use of numerical examples S pp.247–255 Download
Katarzyna Brożek, Justyna Kogut
Personal bankruptcies under jurisdiction of Prague and Pilsner Regional Courts D pp.256–265 Download
Ondřej Buben, Jiřina Bokšová
Transformation of the employment contracts of university and college teachers in Russia D pp.266–275 Download
Olga Burtseva, Tatiana Stuken, Tatiana Lapina
E-learning and Financial Mathematics S pp.276–285 Download
Jan Coufal, Jiří Tobíšek
Statistical Methods Used for Identifying Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment D pp.286–293 Download
Kornélia Cséfalvaiová, Jakub Stejskal
Challenging the masculinity index – hypothesis and empirical findings M pp.294–304 Download
Jan Čadil, Jérôme Dumetz
Development of a Number of Insolvency Proposals in Various Sectors M pp.305–314 Download
Dagmar Čámská
Influence of Institutional Factors on Structural and Cyclical Unemployment in the Countries of the Visegrad Group E pp.315–322 Download
Klára Čermáková, Božena Kadeřábková, Emilie Jašová
Competitiveness and Organizational Structure: Cluster Analysis of Retailers in the Czech Republic M pp.323–333 Download
Igor Denisov
SMEs versus listed companies: on equal footing when confronted with a merger and acquisition organizational culture integration challenge? M pp.334–343 Download
Irena Descubes, Tom McNamara
Is the fifth wave really in progress? E pp.344–353 Download
Jiří Dobrylovský, Pavel Sirůček
Analysis of the factors of localization of the Company Development using MCDM Methods in Practice E pp.354–363 Download
Iveta Dočkalíková, Jana Klozíková
Sources of funding for social enterprises E pp.364–371 Download
Marie Dohnalova, Katerina Legnerova
Crowdsourcing as a Tool of Interaction Between the Population and the Authorities D pp.372–381 Download
Ruslan Dolzhenko, Svetlana Ginieva
Comparison of selected methodologies used for smoothing and extrapolation of mortality curve D pp.382–391 Download
Petra Dotlačilová
Research and development expenditure and its economic evaluation M pp.392–399 Download
František Drozen, Marie Kubáňková, Vladimíra Filipová
Verification of MDA Bankruptcy Prediction Models for Enterprises in Slovak Republic E pp.400–407 Download
Marek Durica, Peter Adamko
Demographic trends and diversity management: the case of the CR D pp.408–417 Download
Zuzana Dvorakova
Entrepreneurial activity in the Czech regions: Are business companies and self-employed individuals affected by the same factors? E pp.418–428 Download
Ondřej Dvouletý, Jan Mareš
The Entrepreneur According to J. A. Schumpeter and a View of Management Science and Psychology E pp.429–439 Download
Zuzana Džbánková, Pavel Sirůček
Using regression splines for mortality function smoothing D pp.440–450 Download
Vlastimil Farkašovský, Emília Zimková
Toxic human resource management practices and personnel crisis within company D pp.451–460 Download
Alena Fedorova
Changes in Marriage and Divorce Rates Since the Nineties D pp.461–471 Download
Tomáš Fiala
Statistical presentation of innovation activities in enterprises – Oslo Manual 2005 proposals and the Central Statistical Office practice E pp.472–481 Download
Dariusz Głuszczuk, Andrzej Raszkowski
Demographic potential and living conditions in rural areas of North-eastern Poland. D pp.482–493 Download
Sebastian Goraj, Marta Gwiaździńska-Goraj, Anna Cellmer
Growth of the Russian Industrial Companies Efficiency at Transformation of National Innovative System M pp.494–503 Download
Anna E. Gorokhova, Vladimir D. Sekerin
Evaluation of the Efficiency of National Insurance Markets Using a Two-stage Model of Data Envelopment Analysis E pp.504–513 Download
Eva Grmanová, Peter Hošták
Different Regulatory Approaches to Risk Management of GMOs in the EU and the US M pp.514–522 Download
Nicole Grmelová
Bridge Estimator as an Alternative to Dickey-Pantula Unit Root Test S pp.523–532 Download
Hüseyin Güler, Yeliz Yalçın, Çiğdem Koşar
Predicting changes in the labor market in global aspect E pp.533–542 Download
Monika Hadaś-Dyduch
IFRS versus CZ GAAP: Analysis of construction contracts accounting and impact on financial indicators M pp.543–553 Download
Kristýna Havlová
Scenario Analysis of Non-life Technical Provisions: The Czech Insurance Market Case Study S pp.554–563 Download
Radek Hendrych, Tomáš Cipra
Directors educated in Western countries and corporate social disclosure: Evidence from Vietnam M pp.564–573 Download
Trang Cam Hoang
Does Industry 4.0 Influence Efficiency of Financial Management of a Company? M pp.574–582 Download
Josef Horák
Long term structure of the world foreign direct investment by components and its main determinants E pp.583–593 Download
Bronislava Hořejší
The Determination of a Complex Summary of Statistical Methods for the Best Fitted Regression or Trend Function Selection S pp.594–604 Download
Vladimíra Hovorková Valentová, Kateřina Gurinová
Aging Population and HR Sustainability D pp.605–615 Download
Stepanka Hronova, Jitka Srpova, Vilem Kunz
Testing indirect effect of consumer attitudes toward a product E pp.616–622 Download
Renata Hrubá, František Sudzina
Business Traveler Heterogeneity in Air Transport E pp.623–632 Download
James Huňak, Eduard Niko
Information about sustainable mobility in annual reports of urban transport companies M pp.633–642 Download
Jaroslava Hyršlová, Helena Becková, Monika Kammelová
Franchise as a new form coordination of economic activity in Russia: problems and perspectives. E pp.643–652 Download
Oksana Cherkasova
GR-technologies as an instrument for the development of system of supplementary children education as a problem of the human resources D pp.653–662 Download
Marina Chernoskutova, Natalia Menshenina
Integrated analysis for innovation management in a company M pp.663–671 Download
Nina Ilysheva, Sergey Krylov
A test of expected utility model in job search behavior D pp.672–679 Download
Dmitry Ivanov, Vladimir Polovinko
Russia’s human capital: cost estimation, analysis of the dynamics and structure D pp.680–690 Download
Tatiana Ivanova, Violetta Trofimova, Galina Valyaeva, Natalia Reent
Small and medium innovation business as a mechanism to diversify the Russian economy. M pp.691–700 Download
Marina Izmailova, Emil Antušák, Mikhail Veselovsky, Irina Kirova, Mikhail Abrashkin
How the law of profit maximization manifests in contemporary economics E pp.701–710 Download
Pavel Janíčko, Ilona Švihlíková
Supporting freeware for statistical lectures – RKWard S pp.711–722 Download
Kateřina Janurová, Martina Litschmannová, Robert Skopal, Pavlína Kuráňová, Michal Běloch
Changes in resources and quality of human capital in rural areas of Poland and East Germany D pp.723–733 Download
Aleksandra Jezierska-Thöle, Jörg Janzen
logit models in mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector M pp.734–744 Download
Juan Antonio Jimber Del Río, Petr Seďa
The Change in Management Accounting in the Czech Republic from Institutional and Contingency Perspectives M pp.745–754 Download
Irena Jindřichovská, Dana Kubíčková
Industry 4.0 in the Czech Republic – State of the art M pp.755–769 Download
Petr Jirsak, Felipe Martinez, Miroslav Lorenc, Jakub Jancik
Indicators of Innovation Potential M pp.770–780 Download
Kateřina Jiřinová, Hana Scholleová
Diagnostics for robust regression: Linear versus nonlinear model S pp.781–790 Download
Jan Kalina
Increasing competitiveness of an industrial enterprise based on market segmentation M pp.791–800 Download
Larisa Kapustina, Natalya Izakova, Ivan Vozmilov
Proposal of Employee Training and Development System in a Middle Size Automotive Company by Utilizing Competency Model and AHP and WINGS methods D pp.801–811 Download
Katerina Kashi
Economic efficiency evaluation of LTPD variables sampling plans based on EWMA statistic S pp.812–820 Download
Nikola Kaspříková
The Role of Embeddedness in the Reconstruction of the Market Paradigm: a Network Approach E pp.821–830 Download
Daria Kazakova
The Value Productivity of Selected Enterprises During Recovering from the Crisis of Demand – Comparison of Selected Sectors in the Time Period 2010–2014 M pp.831–840 Download
Jiří Klečka, Dagmar Čámská
The role of cost accounting in setting prices in Polish and English hospitals E pp.841–851 Download
Magdalena Kludacz-Alessandri
Statistical analysis of the test variants in admission process S pp.852–860 Download
Jindřich Klůfa
Investments in research and development sector by Polish companies E pp.861–870 Download
Justyna Kogut, Katarzyna Brożek
National system of certification of worker’s competence and qualification as the institute of labour market E pp.871–881 Download
Alexandr Kokovikhin, Natalia Sharapova, Ivan Borisov
Translation and adaptation of servant leadership questionnaire into Czech language M pp.882–892 Download
Jana Kolářová, Pavlína Honsová, Michal Konvalinka
Customer satisfaction as a source of innovation in the field of cultural heritage M pp.893–902 Download
Daniela Kolouchová, Jitka Černá
The Common Effects of Inflation and Output Growth Uncertainty on Turkish Economy E pp.903–914 Download
Nezir Köse, M. Kenan Terzioğlu
The Comparison of Prediction Ability of Selected Bankruptcy Models in the Glassmaking Industry in the Czech Republic E pp.915–924 Download
Jaroslav Kovárník, Eva Hamplová
Professor Albín Bráf, his students and the Austrian School E pp.925–933 Download
Jaroslav Krameš
Current Economic Warfare E pp.934–943 Download
Miroslav Krč, Vendula Hynková
Determinant of Labour Market Flexibility in Indonesia E pp.944–953 Download
Laurencia Krismadewi
Supply chain decision-making process – impact of location factors M pp.954–964 Download
Lenka Kršňáková, Petr Jirsák
Innovative Organization Activity Analysis by Means of the Balanced Scorecard M pp.965–974 Download
Sergey Krylov, Nina Ilysheva
Economic and environmental appraisal of research and development project: New digestate treatment technology M pp.975–984 Download
Marie Kubáňková, Jaroslava Hyršlová, Pavel Ditl
The Strictness of Traditional Indicators for Creditworthiness Measuring M pp.985–995 Download
Michal Kuběnka
Outsourcing as an Innovative Approach to Logistics Services of Warehousing: A Case Study M pp.996–1005 Download
Tomáš Kučera, Jan Chocholáč
Product Policy Features for an Internet Firm E pp.1006–1015 Download
Sergey Kulpin
Student volunteers – the potential of human resources development in Russia D pp.1016–1023 Download
Anna Kuzminchuk, Maria Pevnaya
Solvency II Overall Influence on the Latvian Insurance Market Changes M pp.1024–1030 Download
Agnesa Lahiža
Quality of non-financial information reported by financial institutions. The example of Poland M pp.1031–1040 Download
Marzanna Lament
Differences between coaching and mediation as a means of internal conflict solution in companies in the Czech Republic D pp.1041–1049 Download
Radka Lankašová, Marie Štěpánková, Šárka Bendová, Marie Šnajderová
The effect of audit firm and firm performance on the timeliness of the financial report: A case of Vietnamese stock market M pp.1050–1059 Download
Hanh Le Thi My, Hoanh Lam Thi Hoang, Tay Nguyen Hong
Leadership in Social Enterprises M pp.1060–1067 Download
Katerina Legnerova
Approaching Lean Management with Ethnography M pp.1068–1077 Download
Martin Lesnak, Jakub Simecek, Felipe Martinez
Determining the optimal number of clusters in cluster analysis S pp.1078–1090 Download
Tomáš Löster
Are Shocks in the Tourism of V4 Countries Permanent? E pp.1091–1098 Download
Štefan Lyócsa, Eva Litavcová, Petra Vašaničová
Labour adaptation of migrants as an aspect of corporate social responsibility M pp.1099–1108 Download
Elena Lysenko
Gender discrimination in the Czech Republic and other Visegrad countries according to GGGI E pp.1109–1118 Download
Libuše Macáková
Current academic and managerial views on the valuation of Internet domain names M pp.1119–1129 Download
Radka MacGregor Pelikánová, Robert MacGregor
Selected tools of management accounting in corporate governance of public hospitals in Poland M pp.1130–1140 Download
Małgorzata Macuda, Wioleta Baran, Magdalena Kludacz-Alessandri
Towards the European Insolvency Law Harmonisation in the Context of Cluster Analysis E pp.1141–1150 Download
Jana Majerova, Tomas Kliestik
Information Efficiency Hypothesis – the Financial Volatility in the Czech Republic Case E pp.1151–1158 Download
Petr Makovský
Properties of moment method estimates based on L moments from right censored data S pp.1159–1169 Download
Ivana Malá
Review of Operations Research Techniques for Modeling Human Resources in Healthcare Organizations D pp.1170–1178 Download
Aleksandra Marcikic, Boris Radovanov, Jelena Birovljev
Comparison of wages in the Czech Republic according to different factors S pp.1179–1188 Download
Luboš Marek
Industry 4.0. The end Lean Management? M pp.1189–1197 Download
Felipe Martinez, Petr Jirsak, Miroslav Lorenc
Mixed data generator S pp.1198–1207 Download
Martin Matějka, Jiří Procházka, Zdeněk Šulc
The role of the human capital in attracting the foreign investors. Empirical evidences from Romania E pp.1208–1217 Download
Laura Diaconu Maxim
Analysis of taxes as a component of the cost of vehicle ownership in Russia E pp.1218–1226 Download
Igor Mayburov, Yulia Leontyeva
Exchange rate devaluation vs. internal devaluation in Greece E pp.1227–1239 Download
Daniela Milučká, Helena Horská
Application of Selected Weighting Methods and TOPSIS Method in Regional Disparities Analysis S pp.1240–1249 Download
Eva Minarčíková
Religion and economic attitudes: A replication with ISSP data E pp.1250–1259 Download
Pavol Minárik
Comparison of selected statistical methods for the prediction of bankruptcy S pp.1260–1269 Download
Maria Misankova, Viera Bartosova
Implementation of the CSR Canvas by Small and Medium-sized Organizations M pp.1270–1280 Download
Jan Mísař, Jitka Srpová
Production and Economic Preconditions of Increasing Competitiveness in the Food Industry M pp.1281–1291 Download
Ivana Mišúnová Hudáková
Measuring the relationship between inflation and economic growth: Evidence from selected European countries E pp.1292–1301 Download
Estefanía Mourelle, Iveta Stankovičová
Impact of Hard and Soft Data on Czech and Slovak Position in International Competitiveness Rankings E pp.1302–1314 Download
Marta Nečadová
Human Capital: Relationship between Education and Labor Productivity in the European Countries E pp.1315–1324 Download
Iva Nedomlelová, Aleš Kocourek
Influence of emotional and cognitive attitudes towards older employees on personnel decisions D pp.1325–1332 Download
Otakar Němec, Alois Surynek
Analysis of Economic Development of the Countries of South East Asia E pp.1333–1343 Download
Ninh V. Nguyen, Phuong N. Nguyen, Dao Phan
The value of short-term training for Russian managers in the context of the economic crisis M pp.1344–1352 Download
Olga Notman
Barriers of Market Orientation in the Czech SMEs: Qualitative Study M pp.1353–1363 Download
Marek Novinský, Jiří Mařík, Miroslav Karlíček
The study of the ambidextrous manifestations and an attitude to them as to potential ability among University students D pp.1364–1372 Download
Alexey Novitsky, Elena Lysenko
Progress of Transformation in the Former Soviet Republics E pp.1373–1382 Download
Wioletta Nowak
Women in family households with children D pp.1383–1391 Download
Ondřej Nývlt
Organizational myths: unconscious basics of organizational culture M pp.1392–1399 Download
Konstantin Olkhovikov, Svetlana Olkhovikova
Minimum wage in the EU countries D pp.1400–1407 Download
Marcela Paliskova
Long-term unemployment in Visegrad countries E pp.1408–1415 Download
Tomas Pavelka
Virtual Assessment Centre D pp.1416–1426 Download
Jana Pechová, Veronika Šíšová
Total factor productivity change in the Czech poultry sector S pp.1427–1436 Download
Marie Pechrová, Tomáš Medonos
Corporate volunteering in personnel development of Russian companies D pp.1437–1444 Download
Maria Pevnaya, Anna Kuzminchuk
The Effects of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment on Intention to Stay: Case Study at the Universities, Colleges in Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province D pp.1445–1459 Download
Lan Pham, Loan Pham
Factors Affect Exporting of Vietnam's Fishery To Us and Europe Market. Realities And Solutions M pp.1460–1470 Download
Ngan Thi Pham, Tu Thanh Nguyen, Phung Phi Tran Thi
Factors influence students’ choice of accounting as a major M pp.1471–1481 Download
Vu Phan Hoai, Tuyen Nguyen Kim Thi, Hien Cao Thi Thanh
Health behaviors in Polish households E pp.1482–1491 Download
Marlena Piekut, Magdalena Kludacz
Quality of Human Capital and Total Factor Productivity in New European Union Member States E pp.1492–1501 Download
Michał Bernard Pietrzak, Adam P. Balcerzak
Corporate social policy as a factor of social pollution reduction: entity and regional levels M pp.1502–1511 Download
Ilona Polents, Alena Fedorova
Exploring How Retailer-based Stockist Brand Equity is formed in the Absence of Any Brand Building Activities M pp.1512–1521 Download
Pradeep Kumar Ponnamma Divakaran
Personal Bankruptcies and Their Comparison of Regions Hradec Kralove and Pardubice with Regions of Usti nad Labem and Liberec D pp.1522–1533 Download
Mikuláš Pýcha, Monika Randáková
Development Paths of More- and Less-Developed European Regions in the 21st Century E pp.1534–1545 Download
Korneliusz Pylak, Elżbieta Wojnicka-Sycz
Position and Integration of Balkan Stock Markets E pp.1546–1555 Download
Boris Radovanov, Aleksandra Marcikić, Nenad Vunjak
Demographic economic efficiency of HR investment in a Russian University D pp.1556–1565 Download
Tatiana Rasskazova, Anna Muzafarova, Anna Okhotnikova, Julia Daminova, Natalya Verbitskaya
Risk analysis of public-private partnerships E pp.1566–1575 Download
Alexander Rodriguez, Andrey Berezin, Natalia Gorodnova
The sectoral view of the competitiveness of the Czech Republic E pp.1576–1585 Download
Marek Rojíček
Consumer Choice from the Heterodox Economics Point of View E pp.1586–1596 Download
Lada Rusmichová
Personal Sales Process via Factor Analysis M pp.1597–1606 Download
David Říha, Elena Říhová
Parameters of dispersion for on-time performance of postal items within transit times measurement system for postal services S pp.1607–1616 Download
Daniel Salava, Kateřina Pojkarová, Libor Švadlenka
Optimisation of Trading Strategy in Futures Market Using Nonlinear Volatility Models M pp.1617–1626 Download
Petr Seďa, Juan Antonio Jimber del Río
Assessment Technique of Innovative Production Competitiveness M pp.1627–1636 Download
Vladimir D. Sekerin, Anna E. Gorokhova
Determinants of reproductive intentions: views of Russian female university students D pp.1637–1646 Download
Oksana Shubat, Anna Bagirova
Professional education as an adaptation factor for labor migrants D pp.1647–1655 Download
Elena Shuklina
Spatial analysis of the financial situation of Slovak households S pp.1656–1665 Download
Ľubica Sipková, Juraj Sipko
The Development of Enforcing Receivables in the Czech Republic E pp.1666–1674 Download
Luboš Smrčka, Markéta Arltová
Diversification of enterprise innovation activity level vs. gross domestic product level per capita in Polish regions E pp.1675–1685 Download
Elżbieta Sobczak, Dariusz Głuszczuk
The knowledge economy in the EU-28 member states in 2015 E pp.1686–1694 Download
Jindřich Soukup
Corruption, Competitiveness and Public Finance in European Countries E pp.1695–1702 Download
Jana Soukupová
Financial distress criteria defined by clustering of longitudinal data S pp.1703–1712 Download
Maria Stachova, Lukas Sobisek
Comparison of DEMATEL and WINGS Method in Field of Corporate Social Responsibility M pp.1713–1722 Download
Štěpánka Staňková
Contradictory role of alcohol excise tax in the tax system of welfare state: EU case E pp.1723–1735 Download
Viktorija Starkauskiene, Kristina Levisauskaite, Inga Maksvytiene
Resources of Appropriate Managerial Internal Communication Functioning D pp.1736–1748 Download
Marie Stepankova, Metodi Koralov, Sarka Bendova, Marie Snajderova, Radka Lankasova
Transaction Costs in the Public Procurement: Selected Findings in Czech and Slovak Conditions E pp.1749–1758 Download
Marketa Sumpikova, Filip Busina, Matus Grega, Juraj Nemec, Marta Orviska
Selection of predictors in bankruptcy prediction models for Slovak companies M pp.1759–1768 Download
Lucia Svabova, Pavol Kral
The level of research Czech crowdfunding M pp.1769–1776 Download
Ivana Svobodová
Human capital in the context of the economic dimension of crime in the transformation of the economy E pp.1777–1786 Download
Jaroslav Šetek, Filip Petrách
The Challenges of Employability of Management Students D pp.1787–1796 Download
Martin Šikýř, Jana M. Šafránková
Labour productivity in the Czech Republic, 1970–2014 S pp.1797–1805 Download
Martina Šimková, Jaroslav Sixta
Cluster analysis of EU's regions according to demographic criteria S pp.1806–1815 Download
Ondřej Šimpach, Marie Pechrová
Post-acquisition integration as a critical success factor to effective M&A M pp.1816–1825 Download
Miroslav Špaček
Investment Decision Making with Respect to the Inflation Rate and the Tax Rate M pp.1826–1835 Download
Markéta Špičková, Petr Makovský
Selected Methods for Estimating Output GAP of the Slovak Republic E pp.1836–1845 Download
Ľubica Štiblárová, Marianna Siničáková
Break-even analysis in business for small and medium-sized enterprises: Study in Gia lai province – Vietnam M pp.1846–1856 Download
Hung Tang Tri, Vu Phan Hoai, Thien Nguyen Huu, Hieu Nguyen Thi Thu
Factors influencing the auditor’s going – concern opinion decision E pp.1857–1870 Download
Thuy Thi Ha, Truc Anh Thi Nguyen, Trieu Thi Nguyen
The impact of electronic world-of-mouth (eWOM) to the purchase intention for cosmetic products of online customers: An investigation in Vietnam M pp.1871–1885 Download
Ly Thi Minh Pham
The effect of authenticity perceptions, brand equity on brand choice intention: A study in ethnic restaurants in Vietnam M pp.1886–1915 Download
Ly Thi Minh Pham, Hong Nga Do, Tuan Minh Phung
Job satisfaction as a factor of professional and economic efficiency M pp.1916–1925 Download
Yulia Tokareva, Aleksander Tokarev
Analysis of Dependence between the Results of Marking of Selected Compulsory Courses at University of Finance and Administration S pp.1926–1937 Download
Eva Ulrychová, Diana Bílková
On modelling of the development of share of inbound tourism on GDP in Slovakia E pp.1938–1947 Download
Petra Vašaničová, Eva Litavcová, Sylvia Jenčová
Development features, financing methods and investment attractiveness evaluation of start-ups in Russia. M pp.1948–1957 Download
Mikhail Veselovsky, Martin Šikýř, Pulat Askerov, Julia Gnezdova, Mikhail Abrashkin
Young people of Russian industrial region expectations, problems and self-assessment of opportunities on a labor market D pp.1958–1967 Download
Yuriy Vishnevskiy, Yana Didkovskaya
Has financial crisis (recession) affected labour productivity in EU countries? E pp.1968–1977 Download
Josipa Višić, Maja Pervan, Luka Krasić
Quality Evaluation of Management Education in Private University in the Czech Republic: Case study M pp.1978–1986 Download
Lucie Vnoučková, Hana Urbancová, Helena Smolová
Revenue and expenses reporting in the Czech state administration units E pp.1987–1996 Download
Jana Vodáková
Labour productivity as a factor of sector competitiveness E pp.1997–2006 Download
Tomáš Volek, Martina Novotná
Content analysis of parenting image on a social network D pp.2007–2014 Download
Anzhelika Voroshilova
Usage of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in the Czech Republic M pp.2015–2026 Download
Petra Vrbová, Jiří Alina, Václav Cempírek
Country Effects in CEE3 Stock Market Networks S pp.2027–2036 Download
Tomáš Výrost
The Effects of the EU Budget on Economic Convergence E pp.2037–2045 Download
Eva Výrostová
Stochastic risk assessment of projects carried out in a company of chemical industry M pp.2046–2055 Download
Renata Walczak, Tomasz Majchrzak, Katarzyna Osiecka, Pawel Neumann
Innovative activities of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland E pp.2056–2065 Download
Anna Wolak-Tuzimek
Comparative ananlysis of students’ patterns in different departments D pp.2066–2076 Download
Vladislav Yaroshevskiy, Maria Kuchkildina, Anton Mordakin
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