International Days of Statistics and Economics
Conference Proceedings
September 6–8, 2018; Prague
Prague, Czech Republic
ISBN 978-80-87990-14-8
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  • M - Management
  • S - Statistics
  • E - Economics
  • D - Demography

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Review of improving performance in humanitarian logistics M pp.1-10 Download
Jana Abikova
Development of innovative territorial clusters as a tool for developing the innovative potential of the national economy M pp.11-19 Download
Mikhail Abrashkin, Tatiana Pogodina, Vera Aleksahina, Martin Šikýř
Tertiary education as the prevention of youthful unemployment in the Czech Republic E pp.20-29 Download
Petr Adamek, Jiří Dobrylovský
Development of a Model of Efficient Marketing Communications of Universities for Attracting the Applicants in the Conditions of Demographic Transformations M pp.30-40 Download
Igor Alikperov, Evgenia Lagutina, Anna Melnikova
Analysis of innovative project management based on the concept of sustainable development M pp.41-53 Download
Svetlana Apenko, Mikhail Romanenko
Influence of professional self-determination and professional orientation of young people of Omsk region on migration expectations D pp.54-63 Download
Anna Arbuz, Igor Dinner
Foreign Banks in CEE Economies: A Complex Relationship in Uncertain Times E pp.64-73 Download
Daniel Badulescu, Ramona Simut, Radu Alin Morutan
Resources for fertility and parenting in Russia D pp.74-83 Download
Anna Bagirova, Oksana Shubat
Europe 2020 Climate Change and Energy Objectives in EU-15 S pp.84-91 Download
Adam P. Balcerzak
Selected methods of intellectual capital valuation - comparative analysis M pp.92-101 Download
Aleksandra Banaszkiewicz , Ewa Makowska
Cluster mechanism for enhancing the competitiveness of the university M pp.102-113 Download
Galina Bannykh, Svetlana Kostina
Properties of backward elimination and forward selection in linear regression S pp.114-124 Download
Milan Bašta
Analysis of Academic Procrastination of Student at the Faculty of Law of Charles University D pp.125-133 Download
Ilona Bažantová, Dagmar Charvátová
Transport services: destination management perspective M pp.134-143 Download
Helena Becková, Božena Nováková
The Development of Bankruptcies of Companies in the Czech Republic E pp.144-152 Download
Karina Benetti Tatek
The influence of Common Agricultural Policy on the economic development of rural areas in Poland E pp.153-163 Download
Mirosław Biczkowski, Aleksandra Jezierska-Thöle, Czesław Adamiak
LQ-Moments and Their Use in Economics S pp.164-182 Download
Diana Bílková
Analysis of the relationship between the share of people living in households with very low work intensity and selected socio-economic indicators in the Czech Republic in the period 2005 - 2016 S pp.183-191 Download
Dagmar Blatná
The laws of development of organizational structure of commercial entities in the Czech Republic M pp.192-204 Download
Alexander Bobkov, Igor Denisov, Ekaterina Tsenina
An Indo-Pacific Economic Corridor – Premises and Implications of the U.S. Project E pp.205-214 Download
Sebastian Bobowski, Paweł Pasierbiak
Scale effect in high skilled labour force reproduction under the institutional pitfall E pp.215-224 Download
Ivan Borisov, Natalia Sharapova, Valentina Sharapova
Personnel rejuvenation and mentoring at Russian industrial enterprises: problems and solutions (on an example of Omsk Region) D pp.225-238 Download
Oksana Borodina, Marina Shavrovskaya
Attitudes of the citizens of the Ural megalopolis towards migrants of different ethnicities D pp.239-246 Download
Irina Britvina , Elena Mogilchak, Galina Savchuk
Costs of Alzheimer´s disease in Czechia D pp.247-257 Download
Hana M. Broulíková, Václav Sládek, Markéta Arltová , Pavla Čermáková
Comparative Analysis of Selected Innovativeness Measures of Economies Shown on the Example of China, Germany, USA and United Kingdom M pp.258-267 Download
Katarzyna Brożek, Justyna Kogut
The Impact of New Technologies on Country Development E pp.268-277 Download
Olga Buchinskaia, Elena Stremousova
Promotion of conscious parenting via media: evidence from Russian regions D pp.278-287 Download
Daria Bykova
Categorical Data Generator S pp.288-296 Download
Jana Cibulková, Hana Řezanková
Prehistory of the Infinitesimal Calculus S pp.297-306 Download
Jan Coufal, Jiří Tobíšek
Strategy and Strategic Management in Business Development M pp.307-316 Download
Naqib Daneshjo, Vanda Lieskovská, Erika Dudáš Pajerská
Citizen Social Entrepreneurship and Gen Y: A Hybrid Business Model: A Case Study of “” M pp.317-326 Download
Irena Descubes, Tom McNamara
Youth desires as a resource for innovative development: what young people need to achieve success in an industrial region of Russia? D pp.327-334 Download
Yana Didkovskaya
Features of Professional Self-determination and Professional Orientation of Young People in the Digital Economy D pp.335-343 Download
Igor Dinner, Vladimir Polovinko
Redistributive effects of Value Added Tax in Poland E pp.344-354 Download
Bogusława Dobrowolska, Kamil Kruszyński
Dependence of the location of the European capitals and competitiveness of the regions E pp.355-363 Download
Paweł Dobrzanski
Selection of Localization - Determining Importance of the Factors using MADM methods and GIS S pp.364-372 Download
Iveta Dočkalíková, Ludmila Floková
Corporate social responsibility as a new approach to the employees´ satisfaction M pp.373-382 Download
Marie Dohnalova, Katerina Legnerova
Trends and future of professions in the field of personnel management in Russia D pp.383-392 Download
Ruslan Dolzhenko, Svetlana Dolzhenko
Brexit in terms of foreign trade, value added and employment E pp.393-403 Download
Gabriela Dováľová, Boris Hošoff, Erika Stracová
International production networks in auto industry in the 21st century. The case of ASEAN E pp.404-413 Download
Bogusława Drelich-Skulska, Sebastian Bobowski
Internationalization of Micro and Small Enterprises as the Impact of the Globalisation Process on Their Activities M pp.414-423 Download
Joanna Duda
Cross Cultural Analysis of Work Goals Criteria for Millennial Students D pp.424-432 Download
Jérôme Dumetz, Jan Čadil
Entrepreneurship and Corruption: Do Corruption Perceptions Influence Regional Entrepreneurial Activity? E pp.433-440 Download
Ondřej Dvouletý, Ivana Blažková
Corporate social responsibility in Russia: teamwork aspect D pp.441-450 Download
Svetlana Ermolaeva
Retirement Age in Czechia and Other European Countries Based on Relative Prospective Age D pp.451-460 Download
Tomáš Fiala, Jitka Langhamrová
Importance of robust methods for parameter estimating in AR(p) S pp.461-470 Download
Samuel Flimmel, Jan Fojtík, Ivana Malá, Jiří Procházka
Application of asset liability management on liability model based on cluster analysis S pp.471-480 Download
Jan Fojtík, Jiří Procházka, Pavel Zimmermann, Markéta Švehláková, Simona Macková
A case study on the application of talent management in one of the ministries of the Czech Republic D pp.481-491 Download
Michael Forman, Otakar Němec
A statistical presentation of cooperation within the framework of cluster initiative for innovative activity S pp.492-501 Download
Dariusz Głuszczuk, Andrzej Raszkowski
Pro-natalist policy as a way to slow down the population ageing (the comparative study by the case of the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic) D pp.502-511 Download
Olga Gokova, Albina Kiseleva
Development Vectors of the Market of Transport and Logistic Services M pp.512-521 Download
Anna E. Gorokhova, Vladimir D. Sekerin
Assessment of the Relationship Between Expenditure on Education and Students' Performance in the PISA Study D pp.522-532 Download
Maria M. Grzelak, Elżbieta Roszko-Wojtowicz
Organizational mechanism for managing social investment in corporations M pp.533-542 Download
Auzbi Gusov, Igor Gladkov, Vladimir Morozov , Gennady Zhuravlev , Alevtina Rusavskaya
The use of marketing research in the development of strategies for business environment institutions on the example of Wroclaw Technology Park E pp.543-552 Download
Marcin Haberla
Comparison of the Probability Approach and the Fuzzy Approach to the Assessment of the Economic Efficiency of Investment Projects E pp.553-562 Download
Simona Hašková
Robust recursive estimation for financial time series S pp.563-571 Download
Radek Hendrych, Tomáš Cipra
Corporate accounting regime and earnings management: evidence from Vietnam M pp.572-579 Download
Trang Cam Hoang
Work Standardization and Waste Reduction in automobile exhausts manufacturing M pp.580-589 Download
Ruslana Hubková (Chomenko), Felipe Martinez
Youth unemployment and employment rates in the European Union countries and its relationship with government expenditure level and structure E pp.590-599 Download
Agnieszka Huterska, Robert Huterski, Ewa Zdunek Rosa, Justyna Łapińska
Bank Profitability and Enterprise Profitability in Poland — Directions and Causes of Changes in the Years 2001–2016 E pp.600-610 Download
Robert Huterski, Agnieszka Huterska, Grażyna Voss
Identified Economic Problems of Developing Peacekeeping Host Countries E pp.611-620 Download
Vendula Hynková, Oldřich Faifer, Miroslav Krč
Financial analysis of transportation and storage sector E pp.621-630 Download
Jaroslava Hyršlová, Eva Endrizalová, Helena Becková, Monika Kammelová
Intercultural communication M pp.631-639 Download
Dagmar Charvátová
The importance of social justice in the development of market economy at the present stag E pp.640-649 Download
Oxana Cherkasova
The Process of Selecting Logistics Service Provider from the Perspective of the Sustainable Supply Chain Management M pp.650-659 Download
Jan Chocholáč, Dana Sommerauerová, Michal Polák
Analysis and improvement of excise taxes on alcohol in Russia E pp.660-669 Download
Elena Iadrennikova
Gross Domestic Expenditure on R&D and Public Finance Imbalances in the EU Countries E pp.670-679 Download
Aranka Ignasiak-Szulc, Justyna Łapińska, Robert Huterski
The precarity of parental labour in Russia: analysis and capabilities to reduce D pp.680-688 Download
Edgar Ilves
Optimization of quality costs for industrial enterprise: mathematical and statistical approach S pp.689-697 Download
Tatiana Ivanova, Mariia Karelina
Digital transformation of the Russian economy: risks, perspectives and scenarios of the innovative development of the industry M pp.698-707 Download
Marina Izmailova, Mikhail Veselovsky, Mikhail Abrashkin, Jana Marie Šafránková
Industrial clusters as an important factor for development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) M pp.708-718 Download
Anna H. Jankowiak
External features of agriculture economy and their impact on spatial diversification in Poland E pp.719-728 Download
Aleksandra Jezierska-Thöle, Roman Rudnicki
Modelling the Impact of Cobalt and Lithium Price Fluctuations on Volatility of Tesla Motor Inc. Shares M pp.729-740 Download
Juan Antonio Jimber Del Río, José Carlos Casas-Rosal, Petr Seďa, Nuria Ceular Villamandos
Legitimacy seeking behaviour: case study from controversial industry M pp.741-750 Download
Irena Jindrichovska, Dana Kubickova
Factors influencing individual customers’ trust in mobile banking E pp.751-759 Download
Daiva Jurevičienė, Viktorija Skvarciany
Assessment of the potential of using biogas from waste products (case study of the Tyumen Oblast) M pp.760-769 Download
Anastasia Kadiseva, Lyudmila Katashinskaya , Larisa Gubanova , Natalia Suppes , Nadezhda Derecha
Nonparametric bootstrap techniques for implicitly weighted robust estimators S pp.770-779 Download
Jan Kalina
Harmonization of price levels and price relations between the Czech Republic and the euro area E pp.780-790 Download
Eva Kaňková
Application of relationship marketing concept in the industrial market M pp.791-800 Download
Larisa Kapustina, Natalya Izakova, Andrei Drevalev
Topical issues of the Russian statistics of mergers and acquisitions development S pp.801-810 Download
Mariia Karelina, Tatiana Ivanova
External sources of risk in the SME internationalization - selected aspects M pp.811-822 Download
Witold Kasperkowiak, Joanna Małecka
Data analysis of IT job postings in Czech labour market S pp.823-832 Download
Nikola Kaspříková
Development of Costs of Capital Employed in Fixed Assets and Inventories M pp.833-841 Download
Jiří Klečka, Dagmar Čámská
The impact of innovation on competitiveness of the European Union Member States E pp.842-852 Download
Justyna Kogut, Katarzyna Brożek
How to model ROC curves - a credit scoring perspective S pp.853-863 Download
Błażej Kochański
Self-driving Vehicles in Urban Environments M pp.864-873 Download
Kochova Katerina, Felipe Martinez
Institutional barriers as the managerial factors in Regional Human Resource Policies D pp.874-882 Download
Alexandr Kokovikhin
Comparative analysis of remuneration systems of university teachers (on the example of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) M pp.883-890 Download
Olga Korzhova, Tatiana Lapina
Dependent censoring in survival regression model S pp.891-900 Download
Radoslav Kovář, Ivana Malá, Filip Habarta
Analysis of the dynamics and regional dispersion of labor productivity as an alternative method of measuring economic and social cohesion on the example of the Visegrad Group E pp.901-910 Download
Wojciech Kozioł, Michał Kozioł
The prediction of occupancy rates based on the known parameters for different types of housing S pp.911-919 Download
Vladimír Krajčík, Elena Říhová
Nature and particularities of economic opinion clashes in the period of enlighted (late) cameralism in the Czech lands E pp.920-928 Download
Jaroslav Krameš
Flexibility and Competitiveness: Integration Functions and Managing Human Resources on Outsourcing M pp.929-938 Download
Laurencia Krismadewi, Anna Megawati
Multi-criteria assessment of new technologies – case study: innovative technology of composting M pp.939-948 Download
Marie Kubáňková, Jan Nedělník, Helena Raclavská, Dagmar Juchelková, Květuše Hejátková
Indicator EVA in Conditions of SMEs and Large Firms in the Czech Republic M pp.949-958 Download
Dana Kubíčková, Vladimír Nulíček, Irena Jindřichovská
Use of ABC Analysis as Management Method in the Rationalization of Logistic Warehousing Processes: A Case Study M pp.959-968 Download
Tomáš Kučera, David Dastych
The female students’ attitude towards telecommuting and its coherence with fertility D pp.969-978 Download
Inna Kulkova, Mariia Plutova, Natalia Tonkikh
Communication Model between Firm and Sociocultural Groups in Social Media Marketing E pp.979-987 Download
Sergey Kulpin, Anastasia Margovenko
Motivational profile of the young volunteers of the Russian region: transformation trends D pp.988-996 Download
Anna Kuzminchuk, Maria Pevnaya
Intercultural competence in international business operations E pp.997-1006 Download
Aleksandra Kuźmińska-Haberla
Influence of migration displacements on the formation of the labour market in the countries of the European union E pp.1007-1020 Download
Alfiya Kuznetsova, Zuzana Dvorakova , Radka Lankasova, Alexander Kostyaev, Galina Nikoniva, Zhibek Omarkhanova
Impact of non-financial reporting on return on equity of insurance companies in the Polish market M pp.1021-1030 Download
Marzanna Lament
Effective communication can save millions D pp.1031-1037 Download
Radka Lankašová
Socio-professional characteristics of European managers: similarities and differences M pp.1038-1047 Download
Tatiana Lapina, Tatiana Stuken
Rotation as a development tool in global talent management M pp.1048-1056 Download
Katerina Legnerova
Anthropometric measurements of the selected segment of youths S pp.1057-1069 Download
Vanda Lieskovská, Silvia Megyesiová, Naqibulah Daneshjo, Erika Dudáš Pajerská, Monika Čonková
Implementation of multidimensional analytical methods to compare performance between spa facilities M pp.1070-1079 Download
Eva Litavcová, Sylvia Jenčová, Martina Košíková, Anna Šenková
Demand factors of the Chinese agri-food industry development E pp.1080-1090 Download
Karolina Łopacińska
Analysis of Success Rate of the CHF Coefficient in Different Conditions S pp.1091-1100 Download
Tomáš Löster
Factors Affecting Economic Growth - the Case Study for the Czech Republic E pp.1101-1111 Download
Jiří Luňáček, Jan Smečka
Corporate Social Responsibility e-reporting as a tool for (un)fair competition in the EU M pp.1112-1122 Download
Radka MacGregor Pelikánová, Robert MacGregor
Value generators for businesses in agriculture S pp.1123-1132 Download
Veronika Machová, Jaromír Vrbka
Does the minimum wage affect the rate of unemployment? The Czech Republic Case E pp.1133-1145 Download
Petr Makovský
Costs and their control in Polish enterprises - survey results M pp.1146-1155 Download
Ewa Makowska , Aleksandra Banaszkiewicz
Estimates of quantile characteristics based on right censored data S pp.1156-1165 Download
Ivana Malá, Václav Sládek
Corporate Governance Systems Impact on Top Management Teams Diversity: Evidence From Central and Eastern European Public Listed Companies M pp.1166-1175 Download
Milan Malý, Emil Velinov
Evaluation of competition factors in the regional food industry market M pp.1176-1185 Download
Sergey Mamontov, Gulnara Chernobaeva, Anna Breusova
Average Wages and Wage Quantiles in the Czech Republic S pp.1186-1194 Download
Luboš Marek
Feeding the network as a part of competitive strategy on the network markets M pp.1195-1204 Download
Szymon Mazurek
Regional differences of mortality and life expectancies in V4 countries D pp.1205-1221 Download
Silvia Megyesiová, Vanda Lieskovská
Income inequality in the Visegrad Group countries. Decomposition of Generalized Entropy measures S pp.1222-1232 Download
Joanna Muszyńska, Ewa Wędrowska
Influence of Construction of Composite Indicator on Evaluation of National Competitiveness in Modified Porter’s SD model: the EU-28 Example E pp.1233-1243 Download
Marta Nečadová
Development program for young employees with leadership potential at Russian corporate university: assessments by training participants M pp.1244-1252 Download
Olga Notman, Svetlana Kuznetsova
Increasing Market Orientation in SMEs: Aligning Top Management Emphasis on Market Orientation with Business Performance M pp.1253-1262 Download
Marek Novinský, Jiří Mařík, Miroslav Karlíček
Households of individuals in the Czech Republic D pp.1263-1272 Download
Ondřej Nývlt
Psychological traits and income inequality at the country level E pp.1273-1286 Download
Petr Obergruber
The Implementation of the Competition Development Standard M pp.1287-1295 Download
Ekaterina Ogorodnikova, Alexandr Kokovikhin, Andrey Plakhin
From 5S methodology to Lean Layout: Evidence from automobile industry M pp.1296-1305 Download
Pavla Otenšlégrová, Felipe Martinez
The readiness of human resources in ICT for the digitization process in the CR D pp.1306-1315 Download
Marcela Palíšková
Competitive financing of scientific activity: assessment by result M pp.1316-1326 Download
Svetlana Panikarova, Maxim Vlasov
Analysis of existing approaches to the organization of the provision of municipal services by budget institutions and evaluation of their quality M pp.1327-1336 Download
Alexandra Panova , Tatiana Lustina, Elena Podsevalova , Oksana Borisova , Irina Doronkina
Infrastructure as a Prerequisite for East Asian Economic Integration E pp.1337-1346 Download
Paweł Pasierbiak
University Campus Sustainability Management: Seeking a Breakthrough in Germany M pp.1347-1356 Download
Jaroslav Pašmik
Influence of the deficit of highly qualified personnel on the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of industrial enterprises E pp.1357-1366 Download
Anastasiya Pesha, Tatyana Kansafarova
Robust metalearning: Comparing robust regression using a robust prediction error S pp.1367-1376 Download
Barbora Peštová, Jan Kalina
Citizens in the minor city’s cultural and historical heritage promotion D pp.1377-1387 Download
Maria Pevnaya, Anna Kuzminchuk, Elizaveta Pevnaya
Risk management on equity market: Evidence from four European countries M pp.1388-1400 Download
Ngan Pham Thi, Duc Tran Cong
Sub-National Institution and Sequential Expansion in Emerging Market: Evidence of Foreign Firms in Vietnam M pp.1401-1410 Download
Ly Pham Thi Minh, Loc Le Tuan
The impact of the minimum wage on unemployment in the Czech Republic E pp.1411-1422 Download
Michal Pícl
Consumption in one-person households of divorced people E pp.1423-1430 Download
Marlena Piekut
Digital Economy in the Old European Union Member States S pp.1431-1439 Download
Michał Bernard Pietrzak, Bartosz Ziemkiewicz
Trade Margins of Prescription Medicines in Liberalised and Non-liberalised Pharmacy Markets (EU 28 + Norway) M pp.1440-1449 Download
Jaroslav Písek, Kamil Pícha
Influence of HR-brand on Proffessional Self-determination and Professional Orientation of Young People (by the Example of Omsk) D pp.1450-1459 Download
Vladimir Polovinko, Anna Arbuz
Demographic and Political Characteristic of the Far North and the Arctic Zone on the Example of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) D pp.1460-1469 Download
Anatoly Popov, Anatoly Mireev, Valentina Sergeeva, Sofya Fedorova
Openness of local government authorities M pp.1470-1478 Download
Tatiana Rezer
Measurement of Entrepreneurship Conditions in Polish Regions S pp.1479-1487 Download
Elżbieta Rogalska
Stress testing interest-rate-dependent positions using portfolio-specific scenarios E pp.1488-1497 Download
Paweł Rokita, Radosław Pietrzyk
How to Approximate the Ideal Fisher Price Index? S pp.1498-1505 Download
Elżbieta Roszko-Wójtowicz, Jacek Białek, Adam Balcerzak
Cybernetic View of Multipliers in Macroeconomic Theory E pp.1506-1515 Download
Pavel Rousek
Few Ideas Inspired by J.K. Galbraith E pp.1516-1525 Download
Lada Rusmichová
Future Influencers from a Sales, Marketing and Management Perspective M pp.1526-1535 Download
David Říha, Michael Stros , Elena Říhová
Assessment of the Russian Company Readiness for Transformation of a Management System M pp.1536-1545 Download
Vladimir D. Sekerin, Anna E. Gorokhova
Human capital formation of students under the conditions of educational risks D pp.1546-1554 Download
Nina Shabrova
The role of the human resources management in the period of organizational changes (on an example of the industrial enterprises of Omsk area) D pp.1555-1564 Download
Marina Shavrovskaya, Oksana Borodina
Dynamics of state spending on population reproduction in the Urals Region in Russia D pp.1565-1573 Download
Irina Shmarova, Anna Bagirova
Fertility convergence at the regional level: empirical evidence from Russia D pp.1574-1583 Download
Oksana Shubat
Influx of migrants as a factor of the change in quality of the human potential of the territory D pp.1584-1593 Download
Polina Shumilova, Irina Britvina
Psychological and sociological factors that must be considered for a successful introduction of employee loyalty D pp.1594-1603 Download
Thomas Schiller
Innovation performance, labour productivity and ULC in Czech and Slovak Automotive Industry and High-tech Manufacturing Industry M pp.1604-1613 Download
Hana Scholleová, Marta Nečadová
Structure of housing in the EU countries according to EU SILC S pp.1614-1624 Download
Ľubica Sipková, Viera Labudová
Factor and Cluster Analysis in Context of Bank’s Propensity Score Matching S pp.1625-1634 Download
Sergej Sirota, Hana Řezanková
Quo vadis, Education 4.0? E pp.1635-1645 Download
Pavel Sirůček, Zuzana Džbánková
The Relationship Between Insurance Development and Economic Growth: The Motor Third Party Liability Insurance in the Czech Republic E pp.1646-1654 Download
Monika Skalská
Stakeholder salience theory in management of small and medium enterprises M pp.1655-1665 Download
Marie Slabá
Typology of Polish NUTS 2 Regions Regarding the Intensity of Enterprise Innovation Activity E pp.1666-1676 Download
Elżbieta Sobczak, Dariusz Głuszczuk
Corporate social responsibility from the perspective of companies producing passenger cars in the Czech Republic M pp.1677-1686 Download
Dana Sommerauerová, Jaroslava Hyršlová
Impact of Recession 2009 - 2013 on Income Inequality in the Czech Republic E pp.1687-1697 Download
Jindřich Soukup
Analysis of financial distress of Czech companies using repeated measurements S pp.1698-1707 Download
Mária Stachová, Lukáš Sobíšek
Socio-economic contradictions of the sixth technological mode E pp.1708-1717 Download
Elena Stremousova, Olga Buchinskaia
Training of personnel: determinants and cross-country differences D pp.1718-1726 Download
Tatiana Stuken, Olga Korzhova
Determinants influencing total fertility rate in the Czech Republic D pp.1727-1735 Download
Ondřej Šimpach, Marie Šimpachová Pechrová
Grouping of agricultural holdings in the European Union S pp.1736-1743 Download
Marie Šimpachová Pechrová, Ondřej Šimpach
Corporate strategy based on open innovation M pp.1744-1754 Download
Miroslav Špaček, Viet Hung Nguyen
The European Union in the eyes of students E pp.1755-1763 Download
Václav Špetlík
Is Airbnb an Example of a Sharing Economy? M pp.1764-1771 Download
Lenka Švecová, Jaromír Veber, Vladimír Krajčík
Study of socio-psychological foundations of the destructive labor behavior of the staff D pp.1772-1779 Download
Aleksander Tokarev, Yulia Tokareva
Formation of psychological culture of the personnel D pp.1780-1789 Download
Yulia Tokareva, Aleksander Tokarev
Investigation of women's distance employment in Russian labour market D pp.1790-1799 Download
Natalia Tonkikh, Alena Fedorova, Olga Koropets
Determinants of return intention of visitors: An investigative study in Phu Quoc Islands, Vietnam M pp.1800-1814 Download
Le Thanh Tung, Tran Quoc An, Nguyen Hong Thai
Gender Analysis of Math Exam Results at University of Finance and Administration S pp.1815-1822 Download
Eva Ulrychová, Diana Bílková
Strengths and weaknesses small and medium-sized enterprises M pp.1823-1829 Download
Adriana Válová
An application of principal component analysis to international comparison of economic activities S pp.1830-1841 Download
Alexei Verenikin, Anna Verenikina
The Analysis of Smart City Concept Implementation and its Influence On City Development M pp.1842-1852 Download
Anna Veselova
Economic assessment of tourist potential for indigenous territories E pp.1853-1863 Download
Maxim Vlasov
Financial management of the Czech state-funded institutions E pp.1864-1873 Download
Jana Vodáková
Analysis of Enterprises Operating in the Construction Industry Based on Kohonen Networks S pp.1874-1883 Download
Marek Vochozka
Labour productivity and technological intensities of small and medium enterprises in manufacturing E pp.1884-1893 Download
Tomáš Volek, Martina Novotná
Mechanisms to Promote Self-employment of Unemployed Citizens: The Russian and European Experience E pp.1894-1903 Download
Lyudmila Voronina , Tatiana Kasyanova
The Types of Parental Labour Motivation D pp.1904-1911 Download
Anzhelika Voroshilova
Comparison of Buffer and Consignment stock in the Czech Republic M pp.1912-1921 Download
Petra Vrbová, Václav Cempírek
Study of young generation expectations regarding terms of employment based on a survey conducted in technical university among economics students D pp.1922-1931 Download
Renata Walczak
Social and human capital as the individual factors of economic activity of people aged 50+ – case of Poland E pp.1932-1941 Download
Justyna Wiktorowicz
Measures of competitive potential of enterprises E pp.1942-1951 Download
Anna Wolak-Tuzimek
Differences in understanding of entrepreneurship depending on cities’ population E pp.1952-1961 Download
Aleksandra Wycisk, Renata Walczak, Katarzyna Modrzejewska, Marlena Piekut
Dynamics of World Trade Network E pp.1962-1971 Download
Halit Yanikkaya, Hasan Karaboga
Information culture of young people in Russia in the internet space: its current state and methods of its management M pp.1972-1980 Download
Lyubov Zabokritskaya, Tatiana Oreshkina
Human Capital as a Factor of Regional Development D pp.1981-1990 Download
Elena Zaborova, Tatiana Markova
Analysis of the socio-economic situation of large families: the regional dimension D pp.1991-2000 Download
Ekaterina Zaitseva, Svetlana Kostina, Galina Bannykh, Alexandr Kuzmin
Open issues of current monetary policy E pp.2001-2013 Download
Eva Zamrazilová
Institutional-sociological analysis of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel regeneration M pp.2014-2023 Download
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