International Days of Statistics and Economics
Conference Proceedings
September 5–7, 2019; Prague
Prague, Czech Republic
ISBN 978-80-87990-18-6, DOI 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.0
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  • M - Management
  • S - Statistics
  • E - Economics
  • D - Demography

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Motivation and job satisfaction of humanitarian logisticians D pp.1–9 Download
Jana Abíková
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.1
Immigration to the Czech Republic, benefits and impacts from the view of labour market functioning E pp.10–19 Download
Petr Adámek, Jiří Dobrylovský
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.2
Vocational education for people of «silver age»: strategy for preserving elderly emploуes on the labor market E pp.20–29 Download
Polina Ambarova, Garold Zborovsky
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.3
Formation of soft skills of students of higher educational institutions of Omsk (on example of economists and IT specialists training) D pp.30–38 Download
Anna Arbuz, Igor Dinner
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.4
Foreign banks in CEE’s economies. A panel data analysis E pp.39–48 Download
Daniel Badulescu, Ramona Simut, Radu Alin Morutan
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.5
The prestige of parenting by parents’ assessment: evidence from Russia D pp.49–58 Download
Anna Bagirova, Anzhelika Voroshilova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.6
Europe 2020 objectives in the new European Union member states S pp.59–68 Download
Adam P. Balcerzak, Jaroslav Koutský, Jana Meluzínová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.7
Development Paths of European Union Countries in the Light of Selected Sustainable Development Priorities E pp.69–79 Download
Beata Bal-Domańska
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.8
Approach by W. Eucken and F. A. Hayek for competition and legal regulation E pp.80–89 Download
Ilona Bažantová, Jan Horych
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.9
Polish labour market and employees with higher education E pp.90–100 Download
Anna Bebel
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.10
Possibilities of using online communication in destination management M pp.101–109 Download
Helena Becková
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.11
Foreign versus local ownership and firm performance in the EU retail industry – an exploratory canonical correlation analysis S pp.110–119 Download
Lucian Belascu, Oana Popovici, Cosmin Pastiu
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.12
Policy transition to low-carbon economy in Russia: state support measures E pp.120–130 Download
Andrey Berezin, Svetlana Ratner
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.13
Four-parameter Lognormal Curves in Wage Distribution Models: Comparison with Three-parameter Lognormal Curves S pp.131–154 Download
Diana Bílková
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.14
Analysis of the Relationship Between Unemployment Rate, Education Level and Selected Economic Indicators in the Czech Republic 2005-2017 S pp.155–163 Download
Dagmar Blatná
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.15
Verification of a model of the evolution of the organizational structure of retail enterprises, by using regression analysis and automatic linear modeling M pp.164–173 Download
Aleksandr Bobkov, Igor Denisov, Oxana Kuchmaeva, Ekaterina Tsenina, Emil Velinov
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.16
An insight into trade patterns in HDD industry between CPTPP countries E pp.174–183 Download
Sebastian Bobowski
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.17
Innovative potential of youth of industrial regions of Russia D pp.184–193 Download
Liudmila Boronina, Aleksandr Baliasov, Iurii Visnevskii
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.18
Priority Methods of Stimulating the Development of Public-Private Partnerships as an Instrument of the Cluster Policy of the Omsk Region M pp.194–203 Download
Anna Breusova, Albina Kiseleva
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.19
Cultural barriers to developing migrant entrepreneurship in Russia D pp.204–211 Download
Irina Britvina, Alexey Britvin, Polina Shumilova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.20
Spatial diversification of innovativeness of the Visegrad Group regions E pp.212–221 Download
Katarzyna Brożek, Weronika Tuzimek
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.21
Short-term forecasting Romanian GDP growth using a limited selection of monthly indicators S pp.222–230 Download
Vlad-Cosmin Bulai, Alexandra Horobeț
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.22
A New Time Series Prediction Method based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy C Means and Sigma Pi Neural Network S pp.231–240 Download
Ozge Cagcag Yolcu, Eren Bas, Erol Egrioglu
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.23
Šimerka’s Subjective Interpretation of Probability Theory S pp.241–250 Download
Jan Coufal, Petra Dotlačilová, Jiří Tobíšek
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.24
Insolvency proceedings - analysis of enterprise leverage M pp.251–259 Download
Dagmar Čámská
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.25
Specification of recent financial crisis in the Czech Republic during 2008-2016 in comparison with previous financial crises, in particular during 1990s E pp.260–271 Download
Klára Čermáková, Emilie Jašová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.26
The analysis of Employee Benefits for IT jobs D pp.272–281 Download
Daniela Černá, Otakar Němec
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.27
Clustering using graph theory tools S pp.282–289 Download
Jakub Danko, Tomáš Löster
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.176
Innovation strategies of young Russian employees of enterprises from industrial regions: activity, motivation and obstacles to innovation D pp.290–299 Download
Yana Didkovskaya
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.28
Contradictions of the choice of employment forms by students of the Omsk region in conditions of the digital economy development D pp.300–308 Download
Igor Dinner, Vladimir Polovinko
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.29
Mystery of the 5th wave — is the Earth too small for it? E pp.309–316 Download
Jiří Dobrylovský
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.30
Productivity performance of the Czech Republic - Shift-Share Analysis E pp.317–326 Download
Pawel Dobrzanski
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.31
Social entrepreneurship in HORECA sector M pp.327–335 Download
Marie Dohnalova, Petr Cech, Katerina Legnerova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.32
People data analytics as a new approach to human resource management D pp.336–345 Download
Ruslan Dolzhenko, Svetlana Dolzhenko
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.33
Development of professional communities and their role in solving socio-economic problems D pp.346–355 Download
Svetlana Dolzhenko, Ruslan Dolzhenko
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.34
Calculation of the normal length of life using the Weibull model D pp.356–363 Download
Petra Dotlačilová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.35
Phishing for Phools 4.0 E pp.364–372 Download
Zuzana Džbánková, Pavel Sirůček
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.36
Design and methodology of collecting data on youth leaving institutional care D pp.373–383 Download
Petr Fanta, Daniela Horáková
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.37
Ageing and Longevity in Czechia and other European Countries D pp.384–393 Download
Tomáš Fiala, Jitka Langhamrová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.38
Barriers to Innovation Activity — the Identification Based on Statistical Approach E pp.394–403 Download
Dariusz Głuszczuk, Andrzej Raszkowski
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.39
The State's population policy: the regional dimension D pp.404–413 Download
Olga Gokova, Albina Kiseleva
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.40
The relationship of socio-economic development and the drivers of green economy S pp.414–424 Download
Konstantin Gomonov, Svetlana Balashova, Vladimir Matyushok
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.41
Regional Innovation Security: a Dynamic Approach to New Challenges for the Western Borderland of Russia M pp.425–433 Download
Vasilisa Gorochnaya, Andrey Mikhaylov
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.42
Development of an Innovative Product Brand Positioning on the Example of Pilotless Buses in the Russian Market M pp.434–443 Download
Anna E. Gorokhova, Andrey A. Efremov, Vladimir D. Sekerin
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.43
Supporting innovativeness of MSME's by BEI on the example of Wroclaw Technology Park S.A. (WPT S.A.) M pp.444–453 Download
Marcin Haberla, Weronika Kaczmarska
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.44
Analysis of Prediction of Current Profit and Interval Fuzzy Profit in the Case of Subsidized Projects M pp.454–463 Download
Simona Hašková
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.45
Recursive estimation of the multivariate EWMA process S pp.464–473 Download
Radek Hendrych, Tomáš Cipra
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.46
Determinants of the strategy formation in non-profit sport organizations P pp.474–483 Download
Martina Honcová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.47
Stock Price Volatility and Trading Volume: Evidence from Selected CEE Financial Companies E pp.484–493 Download
Alexandra Horobet, Georgiana Vrinceanu
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.48
Sustainability and transport construction companies M pp.494–503 Download
Jaroslava Hyršlová, Jan Chocholáč, Dana Sommerauerová, Petr Štěpán
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.49
The Importance of Soft Skills for lawyers M pp.504–513 Download
Dagmar Charvátová, Ilona Bažantová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.50
Corporations as Participants in Economic Relations E pp.514–523 Download
Oxana Cherkasova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.51
Automatic Identification Technologies within Distribution Logistics from the Perspective of Efficiency of the Identification Process M pp.524–533 Download
Jan Chocholáč, Roman Hruška, Tomáš Kučera, Stanislav Machalík, Jaroslava Hyršlová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.52
Prospects of the introduction of palm oil excise tax in the Russian Federation E pp.534–543 Download
Elena Iadrennikova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.53
Application of some statistical methods of construction of integrated indicators for an assessment of differences of social and economic situation of regions S pp.544–552 Download
Tatiana Ivanova, Mariia Karelina, Violetta Trofimova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.54
Numerical algorithms for stochastic processes S pp.553–567 Download
Josef Janák
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.55
Analysis of changes in the consumption structure of households in the Visegrad countries – food expenditures E pp.568–575 Download
Mateusz Jankiewicz, Michał Bernard Pietrzak
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.56
The cluster policy status in economic policies of selected countries. Comparative approach E pp.576–584 Download
Anna H. Jankowiak
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.57
Product Management and Marketing Innovation Strategy M pp.585–596 Download
Petra Jílková
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.58
Sustainability Reporting in Environmentally Exposed Sector M pp.597–606 Download
Irena Jindřichovská, Margarita Korkhova, Dana Kubíčková
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.59
Impact of Health Expenditures and Health Resources on Health Status in the European Union Member States S pp.607–616 Download
Pavla Jindrová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.60
A robustified metalearning procedure for regression estimators S pp.617–626 Download
Jan Kalina, Aleš Neoral
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.61
Inflation as one amongst Costs for joining Euro Area E pp.627–636 Download
Eva Kaňková
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.62
Marketing management of a small industrial enterprise M pp.637–646 Download
Larisa Kapustina, Natalya Izakova, Andrei Drevalev
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.63
Decomposition of mixtures of probability distributions in the problem of evaluating the integration activity of various sectors of the Russian economy S pp.647–656 Download
Mariia Karelina, Tatiana Ivanova, Violetta Trofimova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.64
Prospects for improvement of value-added tax in the process of digitalization of the Russian economy E pp.657–667 Download
Olga Karpova, Igor Mayburov
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.65
Enterprise Size and Perception of Risk in SME Internationalisation – Selected Aspects M pp.668–677 Download
Witold Kasperkowiak, Joanna Małecka
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.66
Data analysis of Twitter data S pp.678–686 Download
Nikola Kaspříková
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.67
The Impact of Migration Trend on Sustainable Development of the Region (on Materials of Omsk Region) D pp.687–696 Download
Albina Kiseleva, Olga Gokova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.68
The factor of quality change in value productivity analysis M pp.697–704 Download
Jiří Klečka, Dagmar Čámská
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.69
The Emergence of Crowdfunding in Poland: Theoretical Framework for the Analysis E pp.705–714 Download
Mikołaj Klimczak, Szymon Mazurek
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.70
Analysis of the Results of Math Tests at the University of Ecomomics in Prague S pp.715–722 Download
Jindřich Klůfa
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.71
Strategical management of family business E pp.723–733 Download
Justyna Kogut
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.72
Economics of credit scoring management S pp.734–743 Download
Błażej Kochański
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.73
Measurement of efficiency in cultural institutions D pp.744–753 Download
Gabriela Koľveková, Erika Liptáková, Miriam Šebová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.74
Foundation and Management of New Private Primary Schools in Czechia: Pilot Study M pp.754–763 Download
Michal Konvalinka
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.75
Employment of retired people in conditions of pension reform: adaptation of Russian organizations D pp.764–772 Download
Olga Korzhova, Tatiana Lapina
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.76
State Policy of Support of Large Families: a Comparative Analysis of the Countries of Europe and Russia D pp.773–782 Download
Svetlana Kostina, Ekaterina Zaitseva, Galina Bannykh, Aleksander Kuzmin
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.77
The Baltic Sea Region in the demographic dimension D pp.783–793 Download
Alexander Kostyaev, Gennady Fedorov, Alfiya Kuznetsova, Galina Nikonova, Sergey Letunov, Alexey Nikonov
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.78
Health tourism in Slovak medical spas M pp.794–803 Download
Martina Košíková, Eva Litavcová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.79
Analysis of the structure and dynamics of labor productivity on the example of Visegrad Group countries E pp.804–813 Download
Wojciech Kozioł
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.80
The Methodenstreit between the German historical school and the Austrian school and Czech economic thought in the Czechoslovak Republic E pp.814–822 Download
Jaroslav Krameš
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.81
Financial performance and agglomeration economies in the hospital sector E pp.823–831 Download
Bartłomiej Krzeczewski
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.82
Impact of implementation of new accounting standard IFRS 9 (Financial instruments) on selected Czech banks and comparison with the EBA report – “First observations on the impact and implementation of IFRS 9 by EU institutions” E pp.832–844 Download
Antonin Kubicek
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.83
Is the Financial Literacy Affected by the Field of Study? (a Comparison of Specialised Secondary Schools) M pp.845–854 Download
Dana Kubíčková, Vladimír Nulíček, Irena Jindřichovská
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.84
Calculation of Logistics Costs of Implementation Innovative Automatic Identification System in the Warehouse M pp.855–862 Download
Tomáš Kučera
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.85
Modern Sharing Economy: Behavior Features of Subjects on Consumer-to-Consumer Internet Market E pp.863–870 Download
Sergey Kulpin
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.86
Youth volunteering: variability assessment of participation in different practices and levels of engagement D pp.871–880 Download
Anna Kuzminchuk, Anna Tarasova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.87
Start-up enterprises - determinants of growth and support policy. The case of Wroclaw M pp.881–890 Download
Aleksandra Kuźmińska-Haberla, Sebastian Bobowski
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.88
Reasons of migration displacements to European union countries, inequality and poverty D pp.891–901 Download
Alfiya Kuznetsova, Albina Akhmetyanova, Rashida Saitova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.89
Practical management education in the context of e-learning M pp.902–909 Download
Evgeniya Kuznetsova, Tatiana Rezer
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.90
Comparative analysis of long-term sustainability of EU pension systems: some implications for Czech Republic D pp.910–919 Download
Lenka Lakotová, Eva Zamrazilová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.91
Reporting of non-financial information by Visegrad Group insurance companies M pp.920–929 Download
Marzanna Lament
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.92
Dynamics of humanization of labor in Russia and the Czech Republic D pp.930–937 Download
Tatiana Lapina, Tatiana Stuken
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.93
Innovation conditions of enterprises in Slovakia and its state and regional public support M pp.938–949 Download
Erika Ľapinová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.94
On modelling of development of tourism in selected European countries S pp.950–959 Download
Eva Litavcová, Petra Vašaničová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.95
Strategic alliance between Chem China and Syngenta as a basis for turning China into the agrochemical power E pp.960–969 Download
Karolina Łopacińska
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.96
Comparison of Success Rate of Selected Coefficients for Determining the optimal Number of Clusters S pp.970–977 Download
Tomáš Löster, Jakub Danko
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.177
Legal Form of an Enterprise as a Factor Discriminating Impact of IT Systems on Enterprise Competitiveness M pp.978–986 Download
Radosław Luft, Weronika Tuzimek
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.97
Assessment of the potential of the EU endeavours to improve Corporate Social Responsibility processes and disclosures M pp.987–996 Download
Radka MacGregor Pelikánová, Robert MacGregor
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.98
Wage Discrimination of Women in the Czech Republic with a Focus on Managerial Positions S pp.997–1004 Download
Libuse Macakova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.99
Employment Volatility and Labor Productivity of Czech Companies E pp.1005–1012 Download
Ondřej Machek, Martin Machek
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.100
Methodological tools to assess an impact of habitat factors on population health in Russian regions D pp.1013–1021 Download
Mariya Makarova, Olga Kozlova, Anton Kozlov
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.101
Differentiation of the level of labour productivity and pay as the basis for changing the labor market E pp.1022–1032 Download
Anas Makhmutov, Guzel Kolevid, Aleksander Kostyaev , Aleksander Degtyarev , Galina Nikonova, Albina Akhmetyanova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.102
Market Efficiency Hypothesis Application in the Czech Republic – the FOREX Case E pp.1033–1043 Download
Petr Makovský
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.103
Modelling of the distribution of the material deprivation index based on SHARE data S pp.1044–1053 Download
Ivana Malá
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.104
Ownership Structure Impact on Corporate Governance and Performance M pp.1054–1064 Download
Milan Maly, Emil Velinov
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.105
The Impact of Education on Wages in the Business and non-Business Sectors in the Czech and Slovak Republics S pp.1065–1074 Download
Luboš Marek, Josef Jablonský
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.106
Contributions in crowdfunding: preliminary results of the study on the motivation of contributors and the structure of rewards E pp.1075–1084 Download
Szymon Mazurek, Mikołaj Klimczak, Jakub Sobczak
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.107
The Dependence Between the Return Rate Volatility and the Trading Volume of the Most Important Cryptocurrencies – a Correlation Analysis E pp.1085–1094 Download
Wawrzyniec Michalczyk
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.108
Scientometric mapping: on creating a database for innovation dynamics of urban settlements D pp.1095–1104 Download
Andrey S. Mikhaylov, Tatyana Yu. Kuznetsova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.109
Innovation Diffusion in Coastal Agglomerations of Western Russia D pp.1105–1114 Download
Anna Mikhaylova, Vasilisa Gorochnaya
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.110
Impact of Economic Sentiment on WEF’s Assessing National Competitiveness in the Pre-crisis and Post-crisis Period E pp.1115–1130 Download
Marta Nečadová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.111
Competences of business coaches as a quality factor of practical management training M pp.1131–1139 Download
Olga Notman
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.112
Savings for retirement in the Czech Republic D pp.1140–1149 Download
Jiří Nožička, Zuzana Kozubíková
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.113
Is there human organization outside cultural tradition? D pp.1150–1159 Download
Konstantin Olkhovikov, Svetlana Olkhovikova, Anton Korobeynikov
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.114
Advancing Otherness in Management: Why we Need a Positive Minority Manager Stereotype M pp.1160–1168 Download
Warsame Osmar
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.115
Cross-cultural analysis of innovative development of ethnic regions of Russia M pp.1169–1178 Download
Svetlana Panikarova, Maksim Vlasov
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.116
The effect of a rapid increase in the minimum wage in the Czech Republic E pp.1179–1186 Download
Tomáš Pavelka, Michal Pícl
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.117
Diversity and Age Management M pp.1187–1196 Download
Jana Pechová, Lenka Stejskalová
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.118
Digital economy and unemployment in the Visegrad countries at regional level S pp.1197–1205 Download
Michał Bernard Pietrzak, Bartosz Ziemkiewicz
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.119
The role of traditional agriculture in developing rural entrepreneurial ecosystem E pp.1206–1214 Download
Sergei Polbitsyn, Anna Earl
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.120
Contradictions of professional self-determination of school students in the conditions of digitalization of economy (on the example of Omsk) D pp.1215–1222 Download
Vladimir Polovinko, Anna Arbuz
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.121
Energy use and economic growth in Spain. A cointegration analysis E pp.1223–1233 Download
Cristian C. Popescu, Laura Diaconu (Maxim), Andrei Maxim
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.122
Business and Consumer Surveys: the Weighting Scheme P pp.1234–1243 Download
Veronika Ptáčková, Lubomír Štěpánek, Vít Hanzal
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.123
Analysis of interaction between executive authorities and population by means of Internet communication: case of Russia M pp.1244–1252 Download
Semyon Putimtsev, Sergey Kulpin
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.124
Sustainability in the Baltic States: Towards the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) E pp.1253–1262 Download
Andrzej Raszkowski, Elżbieta Sobczak
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.125
Development of the pension saving market: outlook of the generation Z E pp.1263–1272 Download
Irina Reutova, Irirna Gorlovskaya
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.126
Openness of local government bodies: work with citizens’ appeals, feedback M pp.1273–1280 Download
Tatiana Rezer
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.127
Validation approaches for FCM algorithm S pp.1281–1289 Download
Elena Rihova, David Riha
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.128
The relations between conflict resolution styles and entrepreneurial propensity. Educational management challenges. M pp.1290–1298 Download
Zoltan Rozsa
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.129
Social media as an instrument of promotion of healthy lifestyle among young people: cases of Hungary and Russia D pp.1299–1308 Download
Dmitry Rudenkin, Galina Savchuk, Peter Janos Sos, Elena Likhareva
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.130
The impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on socio-economic development in Poland E pp.1309–1318 Download
Roman Rudnicki, Aleksandra Jezierska-Thöle, Mirosław Biczkowski
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.131
Survival analysis for income affluence duration in Poland S pp.1319–1328 Download
Anna Sączewska-Piotrowska
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.132
Innovation spaces of the European part of Russia D pp.1329–1339 Download
Dmitry Samusenko, Anna Mikhaylova
DOI: 10.18267/pr.2019.los.186.133
New approach to an assessment of influence of the fourth industrial revolution technologies on economy M pp.1340–1348 Download
Vladimir D. Sekerin, Anna E. Gorokhova
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Does a difference in the motivation of volunteers and other people exist? P pp.1707–1716 Download
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Actual problems of rights' protection of individual clients in the market of banking services E pp.1717–1726 Download
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Education as a resource for the development of «third age» social community D pp.1727–1736 Download
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